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What is electronic ink and how does it work?

BingMag.com What is electronic ink and how does it work?

If you are one of those people who read a lot of books and now you want to read electronic versions of books, gadgets based on electronic ink can probably be your opinion. To attract. Here are the benefits of this technology and its future.

How electronic ink works

Electronic ink (E-Ink) is a technology that Displays based on it consume very little energy and, on the other hand, display textual content to a large extent like real paper. That's why almost all e-libraries like the Kindle series use this technology.

Unlike conventional displays, which often contain separate pixels to display different colors, electronic ink technology relies more on chemical processes than anything else. These displays consist of a thin layer beneath which are millions of microcapsules containing floating particles, which are usually black or white.

BingMag.com What is electronic ink and how does it work?

These particles move according to the electric charge they receive. If particles are exposed to negative charge, black is displayed, and a negative charge leads to white particles. Therefore, an electronic ink-based monitor basically does its job by sending electrical signals to these capsules.

That's why gadgets equipped with this type of display have an amazing battery life. Unlike conventional monitors, where pixels consume a lot of energy, electronic ink only receives the energy it needs when the content changes.

Brief History of Electronic Ink

BingMag.com What is electronic ink and how does it work?

A group of researchers and scientists at MIT in 1996 succeeded in developing this technology. In 1997, they founded a company that holds a patent for the technology. Years later, thanks to the spread of e-books by companies such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the technology also received much attention. These companies launched e-readers to make the reading experience more engaging. Electronic ink technology has also been used sparingly in other gadgets over the years.

Various versions of this technology have been developed in recent years, which, thanks to these advances, provide more contrast to the latest e-books. They have a higher resolution. Some of these gadgets also use a color filter, which allows the monitors to display a limited number of colors.

More comfort for the eyes

BingMag.com What is electronic ink and how does it work?

As we said in this article, the most important advantage of this technology is its low energy consumption. The power of these monitors is also more visible in bright areas - especially in sunlight. Unlike conventional light-emitting monitors, electronic ink does not, and therefore evokes the feeling of reading on real paper. In addition, these types of readers are usually reasonably priced and as a result are of interest to those interested in reading.

The future of electronic ink-based gadgets

strong> BingMag.com What is electronic ink and how does it work?

One of the most attractive applications of electronic ink is in the field of note-taking, which offers a completely different experience than regular tablets. Gives. In this regard, a number of companies have unveiled electronic ink-based tablets that are specifically designed for note-taking.

Overall, fans of electronic ink technology are increasing day by day. Companies like Amazon keep the price of books based on this technology low, and millions of users around the world continue to buy these gadgets. Also, the company responsible for this technology is still improving electronic ink. All in all, at least in the near future, this technology will be the most important application for e-readers.

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