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What is the cinematic mode in iPhone 13 and how should it be used?

BingMag.com What is the cinematic mode in iPhone 13 and how should it be used?

Cinematic mode or cinematic mode on the iPhone 13 is one of the most attractive camera features that we will describe in this article.

At the event that Apple held to unveil the iPhone 13, we saw the introduction of new products, but the rate of improvement compared to the previous generation was not so high that we want to consider the progress made revolutionary. However, Apple has made a number of changes to its handsets to differentiate them from the previous generation. One of these changes was the addition of different modes to the iPhone 13 camera and its various models, the most important and attractive of which is the kinematic mode. In this article, we will take a closer look at this feature and how to use it.

In an article we wrote earlier, it was mentioned that if you use an iPhone 12, you will not need to pay for a new series do. Because in terms of hardware and software, the iPhone 12 will meet all your needs. But if you are using the standard model of the previous series and you want to upgrade to the Pro or Pro Max model, be sure to consider the new models because their price difference is not so great and on the other hand, you will have attractive capabilities./p>

Apple paid a lot of attention to the iPhone 13 camera. Of course, not so much in terms of hardware (although we see good progress in this regard as well, such as changing the aperture to f/1.5), but software. Because we see the presence of features that did not exist before on iPhones. In fact, it can be said that in terms of video, at least the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 13 are new phones.

Apple phones were one of the best products when it came to video recording, and still are. . IPhones are unparalleled in video recording, and now with the addition of new features such as cinematic mode, their quality is even higher than what we have seen. But what is cinematic mode or cinematic mode in iPhone 13 and how should it be used?

Cinematic mode in iPhone 13

When you open the camera of iPhone 13 phones with a separate section called You will encounter cinematic mode. Of course, when the phone is in video mode, just swipe to the right to see the corresponding option. Just like the default shooting mode, the cinematic mode has a 16: 9 aspect ratio and the videos are recorded at 1080P resolution at 30 frames per second.

The difference you see in this mode compared to the shooting mode That is, instead of image resolution or frame rate, the user sees an aperture at the top right of the screen that can be tapped to control depth of field, increase or decrease background blur or transparency (by changing the/f rate ) Or put everything in focus. Therefore, cinematic mode can be considered as a working tool for professionals.

But after making the desired settings, as soon as the user presses the recording key, the iPhone instantly begins to create depth of field. For each frame. This process requires a very fast and powerful processor that the A15 seems to be able to handle easily. One of the reasons Apple did not offer this feature to other phones may be that older iPhones, even the previous generation, did not have a processor that could perform the embryo of a process at the highest possible speed.

Then, in the same As soon as the camera is recording, the iPhone automatically detects people, objects, and animals, and decides when to change focus, relying on the capabilities of its powerful neural motor. For example, if a person turns their head toward the camera or enters the video frame, the focus changes. The process of changing the focus is also extremely smooth and smooth so that the user does not feel any interference.

If for any reason you do not accept the iPhone's decision to change the focus, Apple has given you the opportunity to Manually change the focus in the Photos app even after the video has been recorded. As a result, it will be up to you to decide when to focus on the subject and when to focus on it. One of the attractions of this theme is the ability to edit the focus even after shooting.

What does the cinematic mode do?

As mentioned, when the iPhone detects an important subject within its shooting frame Focuses on it. This is also done automatically, relying on the capabilities of the neural motor. One interesting thing about this is that when you are recording video with the main camera, the iPhone can use the ultra-wide camera to detect the movement of different subjects. For example, what is entering the frame before it is ready to focus on them.

But how can the cinematic mode be controlled? You can also do this manually if you do not want the iPhone to specify when to focus on a subject and when to remove it. Just tap the subject to focus on it, or tap it again to track the focus of that subject wherever it moves.

As mentioned above, possibility Editing the focus mode after saving the video is available in the Photos app, but the user can also use the Final Cut Pro or iMovie app on the Mac OS to edit the relevant videos. Of course, Apple must first update these applications to add the ability to edit movies recorded in cinematic mode.

Can it be filmed with different cameras in cinematic mode?

Yes; Apple has also made it possible for the user to record video in cinematic mode with all the cameras on the back panel and even the selfie camera. The only difference is the quality of the video recording, which of course all Apple cameras have good quality, but of course the main camera is much better.

In what format are videos stored in cinematic mode?

Videos in Cinematic mode is recorded as Dolby Vision HDR, but the user can also record videos at shallow depths, at 1080P resolution and 30 frames per second.

Apple considers the following video to better understand the cinematic mode Has been taken to make it easier for users to be aware of its capabilities. This video is in English and is from 1:31 to 3:00 in cinematic mode. If you want, you can see all the camera features of this phone in this video. (The video can be downloaded through this link).

What is your opinion about the cinematic mode in iPhone 13? Is this feature exciting enough to persuade users to buy an iPhone 13, or do you think it's an orthodontic feature that Apple has routinely shown to be larger than it actually is?

Source: PhoneArena

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