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What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

Technology has permeated almost every aspect of modern life, and with the digitalization of our world, it has become more difficult to protect sensitive information. Meanwhile, security measures such as the use of passwords alone are no longer enough. As a result, biometric security systems are receiving more and more attention. But what is biometrics and why are systems based on it the future of authentication?

What is biometrics?

Biometrics are made up of two Greek words; Bio means life and Metric means measurement. Biometrics, in very simple terms, is the measurement of each person's biological characteristics. From fingerprints and palm lines to how to walk and face deviation; Nobody's biometric features - even twins - are similar.

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

This uniqueness makes biometrics unique. It becomes a reliable means of identifying individuals because these biological properties are not easily copied and stolen, unlike items such as PINs or passwords. Unlike passwords where users have to memorize different phrases, biometric security systems are based on the natural features of the human body and therefore have less hassle.

Most importantly, biometric systems are very difficult to hack (and It's probably horrible, but it can't be said for password-based systems.

How does biometrics work?

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

The whole security structure of biometric authentication is based on comparison. Biometric systems store individual characteristics that remain constant over time, such as fingerprints, sound, retinal patterns, faces, and palm lines. When a user requests authentication, the system compares the individual's characteristics with its own database. Access is provided in case of exact match. All biometric systems consist of three main parts:

  • A sensor for recording and recording biometric data used for identification.
  • A program that records recorded data Converts any new data to comparatively stored data.
  • Database for biometric data until the software is able to compare different information between them.

Brief Biometric History

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

The use of biometric methods for authentication dates back to the Babylonian civilization. Evidence suggests that the Babylonians used fingerprints on earthenware tablets for commercial purposes around 500 BC. Chinese merchants also identified children using the shape of their hands and feet in the 14th century.

However, in 1800 a French police officer first developed a specialized biometric system for authentication. Developed. He developed a system for identifying criminals based on their physical characteristics. Although this system also had many problems, it was more efficient than just using names and pictures.

On the other hand, the modern science of collecting, classifying, and comparing fingerprints dates back to the 1880s. This year, a British physician named Dr. Henry Folds published the results of his fingerprint research and suggested that they could be used to identify people. An anthropologist then identified and named many fingerprint patterns, and in 1900 his friend Edward Richard Henry developed the fingerprint classification system that is still in use.

Different types of biometric

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

Biometric systems can be Divided into two main sections:

Physical biometrics

As the name implies, physical biometrics is made up of unique biological markers such as the palms of the hands. Uses fingerprints, elongated arteries, iris pattern and retina and sound. These features can be recorded using various sensors and then used for identification and authentication.

Behavioral biometrics

Behavioral biometrics Works based on the analysis of each individual's unique patterns and behaviors. Examples include the use of information such as typing speed, gait, and handwriting.

Why is biometrics so important to security systems?

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

Overall use of biometric information along with passwords, the possibility of hacking and hacking of accounts Reduces users greatly. Regarding the importance of this issue for security systems, we can mention the following reasons:

  • High accuracy: As we said, biometric systems are based on the unique characteristics of individuals who copy They are very hard work. Passwords can be easily shared, but copying biometric information is not as easy.
  • Anti-fraud: Advanced biometric systems are a nightmare for thieves and hackers because if information is stolen or However risky they are, these types of systems use several different methods for authentication.
  • High Speed: Most biometric systems are designed to provide a quick and easy experience. This speed of verification process is important in emergencies because users want instant access to their files or systems.

Biometric Future

BingMag.com What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

Given the countless benefits of biometrics, it can be said that the future of security systems Gives. Here are some predictions for the future of this technology:

  • Biometric payment systems: Companies like Amazon in some of their stores can pay using the palm pattern Has provided. Such methods are likely to be used for a higher fee in the near future. Different systems and gadgets are used.

Last word

Biometric security systems have been used for many years for different types of gadgets and organizations. . Although none of these systems can guarantee complete and flawless security, their accuracy is increasing day by day and as a result, the work of hackers and thieves will be more difficult than before.

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