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What is Android security update and why is it so important?

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

If you have just bought an Android phone, you have probably been asked to update your Android security after turning it on and connecting to the Internet Install. You may have noticed that these updates do not usually change the way your phone works; Also, their size is very small and usually reaches several hundred megabytes in most cases. These updates are also independent of major updates (such as Android 12) that offer a number of new and important features.

Although Android security updates are not important at first glance, they are very important overall. As you probably know, if your phone is hacked, important information will be leaked and this will cause a lot of trouble. In this article, we will discuss the nature of the Android security update, the importance of these types of updates, and when a new version of such an update will be released to your phone.

What is the Android security update?

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

The main part of Android is called open source AOSP. This means that although Google is primarily responsible for Android development, anyone can review it, make suggestions, and make changes for personal use. This last case is the reason for the difference between Android phones in Samsung phones and, for example, OnePlus and Xiaomi phones. In very simple terms, each company adds its own features to Android.

But why does this matter? From time to time, security researchers discover new bugs and vulnerabilities in the Android operating system and notify Google. The company also creates a security patch after identifying the main problem. However, it is not possible to provide updates for all vulnerabilities.

Most bugs and vulnerabilities are very minor and probably do not pose a problem for most users in the short term. In addition, researchers usually do not disclose details of vulnerabilities until a security patch is released.

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

Because of this, several security patches usually come together in a larger package that finds its way into your phone as a security update. Although Google notifies all phone makers of these updates so that they can release them simultaneously, in reality most Android phone users do not receive a security update every month, which we'll cover in the next section.

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

But the preparation of these security patches is only part of the case, and then the makers of smartphones will have to deliver these patches to the phone. Some new phones receive these updates every month, but others use these updates once every three months or even more. Companies that use Google software services for their phones, according to the contract they have signed, must provide security updates to phone users for at least two years.

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In general, Google offers two "levels" of security updates each month; One level ends at 01 and the other at 05. The first includes fixes for all AOSP issues, but level 05 updates fix issues with different components and proprietary code. Google releases content for security updates every month.

For example, we can refer to last month's Android security update, October 2021, which contains several security patches. They are labeled and categorized according to the importance of these patches. Google also explains how any vulnerabilities affect Android gadgets. For example, an RCE vulnerability or remote code execution would allow hackers to execute malicious commands on victims' phones.

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

While this information is invaluable to public transparency, most users do not need to know these details. It should be noted that most Android security updates do not include updates related to new features and changes in the user experience. Such features are usually provided with each new version of Android, but the speed of release of these major updates also depends on the smartphone maker. Of course, in the meantime, some companies offer a number of minor fixes along with security updates.

Different companies usually develop special versions of security patches. The reason for this is that these companies must also consider the vulnerabilities specific to their phones or remove certain patches that do not affect their phones. Usually a section for the content of these security updates can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Security updates provided through the Play Store

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

Newer phones running Android 10 or later can also receive security updates through the Play Store. This is made possible by the Mainline project, which, in simple terms, Google has been able to do by modulating parts of Android. Therefore, in addition to security updates provided by manufacturers, Google itself can release some security updates from the Play Store.

To know the date of the latest security updates received, you should Go to Settings> About Phone, where in the Android Version you can see which month the security update is currently on your phone. You should also look at the Google Play system update section, which can be seen on a number of phones, to find out the date of security updates sent to your phone through the Play Store. This dual channel for Android security updates allows handsets to receive security patches sooner in times of need.

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

How often Once should we wait to receive security patches?

About expectations To get the Android security update, we can refer to the Galaxy Note 8, for example. About two years after its release, this phone received its latest major update in 2019 after receiving Android 9. However, security updates will be released by early 2021. Each company has different schedules in this regard and even the phones offered by the same company may have different schedules in this regard.

BingMag.com What is Android security update and why is it so important?

Pixel series phones are made by Google and therefore have a lot to say about updates. For example, Pixel 6 series will benefit from the main Android update for 3 years and security updates for 5 years. Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, is offering a four-year security update for all phones launched from 2019 onwards. Other brands such as Xiaomi, Nokia and OnePlus do not have such coherence in this field and between their different phones, but in general, many companies publish Android security updates for their phones for at least two years.

Meanwhile, some phones Importantly, like the Galaxy S21 series, they receive security updates every one or two months. Of course, cheap phones and tablets are not the first priority of companies, and therefore many of them benefit from security updates every few months.

As we said, the release schedule of these updates is a direct relationship with the manufacturers. And sometimes, some phones end their life sooner than expected in terms of updates. All in all, if security updates are important to you, it is better to choose brands that have a good track record in this field.

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