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What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

Widgets are a new feature that Microsoft has added to Windows 11. In fact, these gadgets are designed to display a variety of information. Examples include weather, news, sports results, stocks, traffic, entertainment, tasks listed on Microsoft To-Do, and more that require you to use this smartphone to receive this information.

This experience is almost similar to the news & interest section in Windows 10. But, instead of appearing from the desktop, Windows 11 widgets with a new user interface appear from the corner of the screen in the desktop environment.

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In this article, we are going to take a deeper look at the widgets feature in Windows 11.

Windows 11 widgets

In the new version of Windows, you can access the widgets page Use the dedicated key on the taskbar or the Windows + W shortcut on your keyboard. Also, if you are using a Windows device with a touch screen, you can swipe from the left side of the screen to the middle to bring up the widget menu.

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

After opening the widgets dashboard, its user interface, which is integrated with the Windows 11 user interface (rounded edges and glass backgrounds), takes up almost half of your screen environment.

At the top of the widgets dashboard, you can view the time, and in the search box, you can also search the Internet, although the search section uses the Microsoft Edge browser and the Bing search engine.

The widget interface uses There are two main sections, including the Widgets section and the Personalized Feed section, which keeps searching for your favorite content to keep you up to date with artificial intelligence.

Personal Widgets

Clicking on each widget and then dragging it to different parts of the user interface can change the layout of the widgets. You can resize or even delete that widget by clicking on the three-dot menu for each widget. Also, depending on the type of each widget, you will be presented with different options for personalizing their user experience.

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

If you want to customize the widgets dashboard, you can use the Add widgets option or click on the profile picture in the upper right corner of the page.

You can then add the widgets to this Delete or add page. In addition, you can sign in to your Microsoft account for a better personalization experience with access to more features.

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

  • Watchlist: Display stock information
  • Traffic: Displays traffic information based on user's location
  • Esports: Informs about sports match results
  • Weather: Displays current weather conditions according to location Access to Weather Forecasts
  • To-Do: View Tasks Registered in the Microsoft To-Do Service
  • Tips: Introducing Tips for Using Windows 11
  • Entertainment: View popular movies, clicking on any of them will take you to the Microsoft Store so you can access the movie you want in a variety of ways.
  • Outloo k Calendar: Show upcoming events in the calendar
  • Photos: View the user's saved images in the VanDrive account in Slideshow

News widgets

Part II Related to news widgets. You can not change the layout of the elements in this section, but by clicking on their three-point menu, you will see another menu called "See more", which by selecting the first two options, will inform the smart feed whether you want more relevant content on the topic. See or not. If you do not like the news, you can choose "Hide stories from" from the available options.

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

Additionally, you have access to features such as adding a personal comment or reacting using emojis, and you can bookmark any news to review it later. All the news you save is collected on the My Saves page in your MSN account.

If you want to further customize your news feed, you have to click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Select "Manage your news and interests" to access the My interests page. On this page you can follow or leave the content you want.

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

Remove the widget button from Taskbar

Due to the fact that access to the widgets dashboard is faster and easier through the Win + W shortcut or touch gestures, you can remove the special widgets button located in the taskbar. To do this, right-click on the widgets button and select "Hide from Taskbar".

BingMag.com What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets?

Another way to remove this button from the taskbar or add it to this section is to go to the Windows Settings section and the Personalization tab and then select the Taskbar section. In this section, you can enable or disable the elements in the taskbar, including the widgets button. will be. If you want to disable the widgets in the dashboard completely, this is the only way to log out of your Microsoft account.

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Finally, the idea of adding widgets to Windows 11 is appealing, but Microsoft could have handled it better. For example, the widgets provided by this company are very limited, to use them, you must be logged in to your Microsoft account, and some tasks, such as changing settings and viewing content, require leaving the dashboard environment and using the browser.>

Source: Windows Central

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