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The web version of Google Play Store has finally been redesigned

BingMag.com The web version of Google Play Store has finally been redesigned

The fact that the Google Play Store is available not only on smartphones and tablets but also on the web is a good thing that users of They are completely satisfied. This application website allows users to install applications remotely, manage payment methods and more. But the only problem with the web version of the Google Play Store was its outdated design, which seems to have been forgotten by Google. But in the end, Google has made major changes to the design of its web version PlayStation and given it a different look.

The new look of the Google Play Store web version is heavily influenced by the design of the mobile version It originates. At first glance, it looks exactly like the Google Play Store app on Chromebooks. However, no matter where the design comes from, the important thing is that users will be more consistent with the new look of this version. In the updated design of this version, the preview of applications, the ability to install applications remotely and support for movies and books along with programs and games have been preserved.

BingMag.com The web version of Google Play Store has finally been redesigned

Great titles and video previews for games are also changes that are quite noticeable. For example, the Minecraft menu changes to a darker screen with an auto-play trailer, and the screen color changes according to the color of the app icon. There are top charts showing popular apps and filters for searching apps. Users can filter the apps displayed by device type, including smartphone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, watch and car. In terms of performance, the new design of the Google Play Store web version seems to be on par with its predecessor. Be the developers of this store. At present, Google's subscription policy is the same as Apple's. This means that Google receives a 30% subscription fee in the first year and up to 15% per year if users continue to subscribe.

Given that many businesses due to Pension law that they can not benefit from this reduction in subscriptions, Google has decided to reduce its Play Store subscription fee from 15% from the beginning and practically remove the previous year's subscription requirement. It is worth noting that this reduction was previously limited to the first $ 1 million business revenue.

BingMag.com The web version of Google Play Store has finally been redesigned

In another move, Google unveiled a service called PlayProtect during the I/O 2017 conference, and now, four years later, it has quietly launched it as a standalone app in the Play Store. It is not yet clear why the name of this application does not appear on the Play Store site, but in any case, you can see it through Android phones and tablets. It should also be noted that on many phones, to install this application, the message "Your device is not compatible with this version" is displayed or the phone is not compatible with the application.

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