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7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

In today's world, every tool and every task needs to be optimized and managed properly. To this end, we decided to explain in an article seven ways to manage and organize and actually optimize applications on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. There are so many apps on our cell phones that are ready to install; But the high number of applications often slows down our mobile. While some of these programs may be useful, others can be a threat to your device and user data. So in a way, in optimizing mobile applications, in addition to helping to improve mobile performance, we also try to eliminate high-risk applications.

Here are seven of the best ways to manage and optimize Samsung Galaxy mobile phone applications. We will review it for you in full. In each case, after the step-by-step explanations, we have included step-by-step illustrations so that you can perform all the steps more easily. So you can first read the text of each of these seven methods and then execute them step by step according to the pictures. You can follow us to the end of this article in BingMag to use your Galaxy phone more easily and better from now on and enjoy it.

1) Apps in the Edge section of the phone Pin yourself

Many Samsung Galaxy phones have edges or edges. If your phone does not have this mode, skip this and read the rest. One of the best ways to handle this is to set up a mobile app. Using the Edge option on Samsung Galaxy phones, you can pin your most used apps in this section. This way, the applications you want are always available and you can access them with a simple move. How to activate this mode is as follows:

a) On your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, go to the settings section.

b) Scroll down a bit and click on Display. On some galaxies you can also find it in Advanced features> Labs.

c) Now you can change the edge of your phone with Edge panels. Also, to pin the desired programs, you must click on Pin your favorite apps.

d) Now go down and click on Panels> Apps.

e) Then select the Edit option do. Then select all the applications that you want to be in the Edge section of your phone.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

2) Disable updates and notifications using compact apps

You can disable all updates and notifications on your Galaxy using compact apps. This feature is not enabled on all Galaxy models; But if you could, give it a try. This method helps a lot to increase the battery life of your mobile phone. To better understand this, I must say that this feature allows you to keep the programs you use less in a neat and tidy folder. The activation steps are as follows:

a) Go to your mobile settings. Then scroll down a bit and select Battery and device care.

b) Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

c) Click on the Storage booster option .

d) Scroll down again and select Zip rarely used apps.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

3) Enable the automatic optimization option

Even if you only use your mobile phone for simple, everyday tasks such as checking emails, there may sometimes be several apps in the background Run (open), which can greatly reduce the speed of your mobile. In fact, the auto-optimization feature allows you to increase and improve the overall performance of your mobile phone by shutting down apps that use up a lot of resources or drain the battery. To activate this option, follow these steps:

a) Go to your mobile settings.

b) Select the Battery & device care option.

c) In the upper right corner, click on the three dots and then select Automation.

d) In the last section, turn on Auto optimize daily.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

4) Set time limits for using programs

It might be interesting to know that Many of us may spend several hours a day on Instagram. It only wastes our time and uses our mobile power. With a very simple task, you can ask your mobile phone, for example, to allow you to use Instagram for only one hour, and after this time, it will inform you that you have used it to the desired extent. To set the time limit for the desired applications, follow these steps:

a) Go to your mobile settings. Then click on Digital wellbeing and parental controls.

b) Scroll down and click on App timers.

c) The application for which you want to have a time limit, Select.

d) Finally enter the desired amount of time and click Done.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

5) Enable floating notification

This is one of the most attractive and advanced options on Samsung Galaxy. This is a bit difficult to explain; But let's take a closer look at it. Suppose you are browsing the web and receive a new email from the BingMag newsletter. You want to open and view the email, but you do not want to leave your webpage. In this case, if you have already enabled flotation notifications for your apps, you can easily view the email as a floating window. It should be noted that this feature is available on Samsung devices with Android versions 9.0 or higher, and it is better to enable float notification for all your mobile applications. To activate it, just follow the steps below:

a) Go to your mobile settings. Then go to the Notifications section. Then click on Advanced settings. Select the Floating notifications option.

b) You must select the Smart pop-up view.

c) Click Included apps under the Smart pop-up view section . In this section you can see the list of applications that support this feature.

d) To be able to enable this feature for any of your applications, just activate the option in front of each application ( 6) Identify and remove high-risk programs >

One of the advantages of Android over other mobile operating systems is that it does not place any specific restrictions on the user downloading or installing applications. This is not only not good at times, but can also damage or even steal your cell phone's confidential information. For this reason, you should always install programs that have sufficient information about their security and always identify and remove high-risk programs immediately. Now you probably think that identifying high-risk applications is not for everyone and it is definitely not that simple. Exactly and absolutely right with you! However, we have a solution for this as well.

You can get help from Google Play to identify high-risk applications. Use the Google Play Protect option to identify and remove high-risk programs. Note that if you have not downloaded an application from Google Play, it will still be possible for you. Here's how to use it:

a) Sign in to the Google Play app. Click on your Google profile and then select Play Protect.

b) Click on Scan to begin identifying high-risk programs.

c) In the upper right corner, click Click the gear icon.

d) Now select the two options Scan apps with Play Protect and Improve harmful app and activate (turn on). This will automatically do the same thing you did in the future (at regular intervals). This will go a long way in protecting your mobile phone and managing dangerous applications.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

7 ) Install Samsung Max and use Ultra Apps

Honestly, before I wrote about this option, I was a little skeptical whether it works in Iran or that this way of optimizing apps for us Iranians have no answer! However, before writing, I started testing it carefully. Fortunately, it was done easily on my mobile phone, and it would be a shame if you did not try it. Samsung Max is an application that provides VPN access with a feature called Ultra Apps, which are a kind of lightweight version of applications such as Facebook and Wikipedia. The purpose of this program is to provide privacy for Galaxy owners, and at the same time, this program significantly reduces data consumption. There is a free version of Samsung Max that you must see the mandatory Samsung ads to access! We do not have a specific textual explanation for this section and we will put the steps for you in the following two images.

BingMag.com 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone


It is true that mobile applications are very influential in our lives today and often make our work better or faster; But we also need to know how to manage and organize them. Let's go to a simple example. Suppose you have a drawer full of beautiful clothes that is very messy. Of course, when you need a beautiful dress for a special occasion, you can not easily find the dress you want. The mobile phone is exactly the same as the drawer. We have to organize and optimize it carefully so that we can get the most out of it. I hope you enjoy the above seven. You can write your comments for us below.

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