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Watch the spectacular moment of James Webb moving away from the launcher and the planet Earth

This real-time video shows the spectacular moment of the separation of the James Webb Space Telescope from the Arian Launcher 5, followed by the deployment of the solar array and the distance from our planet, the Earth.

The Ariane 5 rocket was organized by Arianespace on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). Thus, this powerful scientific tool went into space on December 25, 2021 (December 4, 1400) at 07:20 Eastern Time Zone (15:50 Tehran time).

Next, the separation of James Webb from Arian Launcher 5 at 07:47:14 Eastern time zone (16:17:14 Tehran time) and the solar arrays were deployed only 69 seconds later so that the spacecraft could well travel its long way to the Lagrangian point 2 Sun-Earth

Thanks to the highly accurate launch path of the Arian 5, the Web solar array was able to deploy immediately after separation and absorb sunlight to power the observatory. This precision launch also allowed the web to be positioned in the right direction, so the telescope needed to use less fuel to correct its direction. Which was highly regarded. Now this high-quality video released today by the European Space Agency shows the same view in much better quality with a camera made by the Irish company Raltra Space Systems Engineering.

from the formation of stars and planets to the production of the first early galaxies.
  • Space Telescope Where is James Webb now?

Credit: ESA/Arianespace; Music: "Lonely Waltz" by Charlotte Hatherley

Sources: NASA, ESA

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