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Watch the crash test video of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Usually, with the official launch of various handsets on the market, some people try to measure the resistance of these handsets to different cases by performing various tests. In this article, however, we will test the crash of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to see what Apple's most powerful flagship performs in this regard.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently the most expensive and best Apple flagship. Which also has very good capabilities. But in this generation, Apple has increased the battery capacity of this phone in an unprecedented way, thus increasing both the thickness and weight of the phone compared to before. As you probably know, the heavier a product is, the more likely it is that it will not be able to withstand a good fall. It remains to be seen whether the iPhone 13 Pro Max really can not pass the crash test in good health, or whether its high build quality neutralizes the heavy weight.

The video that you can watch above by the channel EverythingApplePro is posted on YouTube. In this video, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is tested from different heights to see if this phone can survive the fall or not. So if you do not necessarily want to experience the resistance of your expensive iPhone, we recommend that you watch this video to the end.

According to Apple, the iPhone 13 and all its models are the most powerful protective glass ever produced. A used smartphone has been produced. The same glass was used in last year's iPhones, which Apple named the Ceramic Shield. But the company claims that the quality of the glass used has improved slightly in this generation.

Of course, Apple has always made many claims about the build quality of its phones, but has never tested them in harsh conditions. But this time, EverythingApplePro tested the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the worst possible conditions in the crash test.

In this crash test, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max fell three times from the height of a table, but no scratches. Not seen in any of their sections. But when the phones hit the ground from the height of an adult human (simulating when a user drops the phone while talking), the iPhone 13 Pro's display broke, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max survived despite its heavy weight. However, both phones maintained their good performance.

BingMag.com Watch the crash test video of iPhone 13 Pro Max

but at a height of about 10 Fit (3 meters), the back panel of the iPhone 13 Pro was completely destroyed, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max remained intact. Of course, there were some scratches on the steel frame, but the phone itself was quite good in terms of performance. But in the meantime, when the iPhone 13 Pro Max hit the ground from the screen, the screen broke but the phone did not malfunction.

Of course you do not, but it is vital to note that such tests have never been performed. Do not do it yourself on any of your phones because even if the company guarantees the structural quality of its products, it still does not include a warranty in the event of a problem. The most obvious example in this section is the IP68 waterproof certificate, which, although it can be seen in the specifications of some phones, but the damage if it gets wet is never included in the warranty and will not be.

Do not forget if you buy one IPhone 13 models, be sure to provide a sticker and protective case for it so that there is no problem for the phone.

Source: 9To5Mac

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