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Watch the amazing video of the Parker probe flying in the eye of the solar storm

Parker solar Probe is now the first man-made object to hit the heart of the solar system, not only capturing unparalleled data but also transmitting a terrifying video of flying in the sun's upper atmosphere.

The experience gained by the Parker solar Probe is very valuable in this passage because it passed through the sun's quasi-currents. These phenomena are massive band-like structures that are visible during a solar eclipse.


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"Crossing the quasi-stream was like flying in the eyes of a storm," NASA said of the passage. Within the quasi-current the situation calmed down, the energetic particles as well as the number of return currents decreased. A dramatic change from the massive barrage of particles that a spacecraft typically encounters in solar wind. The Parker solar Probe has just discovered that they are a common feature of the solar wind and are almost as rare as previously thought. It travels more than 142 kilometers per second and discovers something that could change our perception of the sun forever. Launched in 2018 to uncover the secrets of the Sun as it gets closer to each other than any other spacecraft. p>

video Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Ben Smith

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