Watch: Always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro will be amazing

As it seems, the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display feature is going to be much more attractive than the one available on Android phones. Watch: Always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro will be amazing

As it seems, the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display feature is going to be much more attractive than the one available on Android phones.

If you have been following the news about the iPhone 14 series, you probably know that two Pro and Pro Max models are going to enter the market with an attractive and practical always-on display. A feature that Apple users have been requesting from this company for several years, but so far, no iPhone has been equipped with it. However, it is said that this situation will change this year.

Apple has added so many good features to iOS 16 that the company's users now see their distance from Android users very imperceptibly in various departments. Among these things, we can mention the personalization of the lock screen, which is done in a wonderful way, even better than Android phones, and leaves the user's hand more free than imagined in applying various settings.

But apparently this is the only upgrade. Not that it is better than the features available in competing phones. It seems that the always-on display in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be more attractive than what we see in Android phones now. You might say to yourself why this feature, which is available in mid-range Android devices and is extremely useful, has not been available in Apple phones so far. This question can have two answers. First, Apple usually equips its phones with good features much later than Android companies and tries to have the lowest speed in this regard, secondly, the iPhone 13 series as The latest Apple representatives are only able to reduce their refresh rate to 10 Hz. In order to prove to users that their phones are unique in keeping a charge, Apple decided to remove the possibility of activating the always-on display from them, lest by activating it, they would realize that their performance in keeping the charge is not as high as they thought.

But it seems that in the iPhone 14 Pro series, the refresh rate will be changed from 120 to 1 Hz, and as a result, the American company can safely add an always-on display to its phones and worry about the battery charging soon. not to be This section in the mentioned iPhones, according to the information we have from the beta version of iOS 16, allows users to know the status of the battery, alarms, weather, calendar and other things. Of course, it is also possible to hide sensitive information from this page.

But what makes us think that the always-on display in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is better and more attractive than what is available in Android phones. It is a background image that you can choose for the corresponding page. As it turns out, users will be able to choose an image on the always-on display that is not static but animated. This is one of the few features that has existed in Android phones for several years and is not noticed at all, but Apple, with a smart but not very practical change, can praise and praise it for a long time at the unveiling ceremony of new iPhones. Make users fascinated by this feature.

As it seems, all the default wallpapers in the new iPhones also have a "sleep" mode, which means that when the phone's screen is turned off, the image is actually Go to this mode. In this case, the image is still visible, but darker than usual, in a way that only informs you of the status of the mentioned items. Even when the phone is unlocked, the user can see the image in its default brightness.

Contrary to the imagination, the always-on display helps to improve the charging status of the phones that use it. Of course, this is in the condition that the "display with one tap" mode is active for it, and not to leave it on all the time. In this case, the user does not need to unlock the phone to see different items, it is enough to tap the screen once so that the information is displayed in the darkest possible state.

It should be noted. It is very likely that we will not have this feature in the two standard and Plus/Max models, which is disappointing. However, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can have one more reason to become the best phone of the year thanks to it. What is your opinion in this regard?

Source: PhoneArena

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