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Was the universe made by a mathematician?

BingMag.com Was the <b>universe</b> <b>made</b> by a mathematician?

A look at our world shows that many phenomena can only be described by mathematics, to the extent that some claim that the universe was created by a mathematician, but whether Can the world really be imagined without mathematics?

It was almost 400 years ago that Galileo wrote in his book The Assayer: "In this great book the philosophy of the world is written. "The language of mathematics is written." He was much more than an astronomer, and this note can be considered almost the first documentary on the scientific method.

We do not know who first started using mathematics in scientific studies, but it can be He said it was the Babylonians who used it almost 3,000 years ago to discover the pattern of eclipses. But it took 2,500 years for Newton to invent these calculus to explain these patterns.

BingMag.com Was the <b>universe</b> <b>made</b> by a mathematician?

Bali clay tablets with mathematical formulas
Credit: Science Magazine

Since then, probably every major scientific discovery has used some form of mathematics , Simply because it is much more powerful in explaining physics than any other human language. Not surprisingly, many see mathematics as something more: that the universe was created by a mathematician.

So can we imagine a world in which mathematics does not work?

Mathematical Language

The "Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis" or "Relative Language" states that you can not discuss a concept unless you have a language to describe it.

In any science, especially physics, we need to describe concepts that are not well written in any human language. For example, you can describe an electron, but the moment you start asking questions like "What color is it?" As we do, we become more aware of the shortcomings of spoken languages.

The color of an object depends on the wavelengths of light reflected by it, so an electron has no color, or more precisely, all colors, and the question itself is meaningless. But if you ask, "How does the electron behave?" The answer is basically simple. In 1928, "Paul E.M. Dirac (Paul A.M Dirac) wrote an equation that describes the behavior of an electron in almost any situation. However, this does not mean that it is simple when we look at the details.

For example, an electron behaves like a small magnet. Its size can be calculated, but it is terribly complicated. Or to explain aurora borealis, for example, we have to understand orbital mechanics, magnetic fields, and atomic physics, but on the other hand, these are still just more uses of mathematics.

Even when we think of humans, we realize We learn that there is a kind of innate human attachment to logical and mathematical thinking, and that the existence of mathematics in the background of decision-making becomes even deeper. The decision to overtake a slow-moving car does not require explicit integration of the equations of motion, but we certainly do so implicitly. This is while, for example, a Tesla car in automatic driving mode actually solves the equations explicitly.

BingMag.com Was the <b>universe</b> <b>made</b> by a mathematician?

When overtaking a car, Tesla carmakers explicitly calculate what the human driver implicitly processes.


Chaos Prediction

So it should come as no surprise that mathematics is not just another language for describing the outside world, but in many ways the only language for describing it. But it must also be borne in mind that just because something can be described mathematically does not mean that it can be predicted.

One of the most remarkable discoveries of the last 50 years is The discovery of "chaotic systems" has been. These may seem like simple mathematical systems, but they cannot be solved precisely, and it becomes clear that many of the world's systems are confused in this respect. Storm routes in the Caribbean look like eclipse traces, but we can not predict them accurately even with all the power of modern cloud computing.

Nevertheless, we know why: Equations that They describe the weather as inherently turbulent, so although we can make accurate predictions in the short term (about 24 hours), these equations become increasingly unreliable over several days. Obviously, storms are occasional events, and we can not predict exactly when they happened.

Similarly, quantum mechanics offers a theory in which we know exactly what predictions cannot be made accurately. Dad. The properties of an electron can be determined Calculated very accurately, but we can not predict what a person will do in the future.

  • butterfly effect; How much can man predict the future?

But the fact that we can not accurately predict an event does not mean that we can not describe it at the time of its occurrence. We can even describe sudden events: for example, it is generally accepted that the universe was created in the "Big Bang" or "Big Bang" and we have a very accurate theory about it.

Designing Social Systems

A complete set of social phenomena, from stock markets to revolutions, lacks good predictive mathematics, but we can describe what happened with mathematics and build model systems to some extent./p>

But what about personal relationships? Love may not yet be mathematically comprehensible to humans, but relationships are often predictable. The vast majority of us choose partners from our social class and language group, so there is no doubt that the role of mathematics is statistically correct even in personal relationships.

But it can be said that the issue at stake The details are also true. We may not be able to say it in general right now, but at least for example, a large number of dating sites make money with algorithms that at least pretend to link you to the ideal spouse.

The basis of many phenomena in the world and many aspects of human life is clearly linked to mathematics, and a world that cannot be described mathematically seems fundamentally irrational, not just its unpredictable events. In our world, just because a theory is unacceptable does not mean that we cannot describe it mathematically. So from the point of view, it is safe to say that we live in a world based on mathematics, and we may not even be able to imagine a non-mathematical world. br>> Credit: Shutterstock

Source: The Conversation

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