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Was approved; USB-C will be mandatory for all smartphones from 2024

BingMag.com Was <b>approved;</b> <b>USB-C</b> will be <b>mandatory</b> for <b>all</b> <b>smartphones</b> <b>from</b> 2024

The European Union today passed a law making the USB-C standard mandatory for all smartphones to put an end to the talk.>

As you know, the EU has long sought to make USB-C port mandatory for all smart gadgets. The only opponent of this organization was Apple, which marketed its phones with the Lightning port. But the European Union has decided to change Apple's mind by enforcing a tough law. Which had not been approved, but today we finally saw its approval so that there is no word left about it. Now all you have to do is buy a charger with USB-C port support to charge all your products. Of course, this new law will apply from 2024, which means that for another two years, companies will still be allowed to market their products on any port they want.

Note that this law is only for phones or products. Includes that they are charged wirelessly and not wirelessly. For example, if a smartwatch only charges wirelessly, it will no longer be equipped with a USB-C port and can be accessed with the same wireless charging technology.

This new rule, according to official information available We have laptops, e-readers, airbags, keyboards, computer microphones, portable navigation gadgets, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, headsets, gaming consoles and portable speakers.

Under the new law In the EU, users should not only know how the product is charged, but also have the right to choose whether to buy a phone with or without a charger. Now we do not know if this means that companies should consider two types of packaging for the European market. Like Xiaomi did, and launched its handsets in China in two models with and without chargers. Save 250 million a year on charger money (all users). This volume of chargers, which are used to charge various devices, generate 11,000 tons of micro-electronics per year, which is not a small amount at all. Now the same companies want to help the environment by removing the charger from the box. It is better to stop resisting first and market your phone according to world standards so that they do not have to empty users' pockets and harm the environment.

It should be noted that the new EU law mandatory USB-C ports for smartphones and other devices will not include products currently on the market and will only apply from 2024.

Source: Android Authority

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