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Wait for the cheap Samsung clamshell phone

BingMag.com <b>Wait</b> for the <b>cheap</b> <b>Samsung</b> <b>clamshell</b> phone

It looks like Samsung is working on a low-cost clamshell phone that is said to cost less than $ 800.

Samsung is currently the largest company active in the field of smartphone production, which, thanks to its early entry into the clamshell smartphone segment, has been able to be the best in this field at the moment. The Korean company has a variety of models in its clamshell product portfolio, including Z Flip, Z Flip 5G, Z Flip 2 and 3, Fold, Z Fold 2 and 3, and will unveil the fourth generation of its clamshell phones in August./p>

But these phones are all flagships priced at least $ 1,000. This means that at the moment it is almost impossible to buy these phones for users who invest and plan to buy mid-range and economical models every year. But since Samsung owes its stay at the top of the list of best smartphone manufacturers to its low-cost handsets, it intends to produce the same product in the folding segment.

This means that in the future we will see low-cost folding handsets from We will be Samsung, which of course is said to be not available now. According to information published by ETNews, a Korean news site, the Korean company apparently wants to produce a low-cost clamshell phone that costs less than 1 million Korean won, or $ 770. Of course, we do not know if this price will be considered for products similar to Z Flip or Z Fold, but whatever it is, it will be a mid-range clamshell phone. However, considering the price of Z Flip 3 (1.25 million won), it seems that this expected product will use such a design to reduce the price. However, it is not possible to comment definitively in this regard.

The mentioned news site also claimed that this cheap clamshell phone will be included in the category of Samsung Galaxy A phones, which, of course, has been related to such products before. We had heard, and now with the release of another piece of news, we are almost certain of its existence. It is said that this phone will lack a series of premium features of the current clamshell models, but unfortunately no details have been published in this regard.

clamshell phones have received more attention due to their new and innovative design, but ETNews It is claimed that the expected clamshell phone of Samsung will arrive in 2024. This means that the Korean company has two years to gain more experience in this field, and more suppliers will have the same amount of time to acquire the technologies needed to make a clamshell phone, so that Samsung will eventually get the parts at a lower price. . In that case, the price of clamshell phones will break, and the release of a mid-range device will not be unexpected at all. Hands can greatly reduce the expected price of a clamshell phone. This means that there is a way to do this even now, but the company wants to take advantage of the opportunity to sell high-end clamshell phones as much as possible. Especially now that there is no competitor for him.

Source: Android Authority

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