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Volkswagen offers its life-saving electric car under the Scot brand

Contrary to popular belief, the Volkswagen Group intends to launch its unmanned electric vehicle under the well-known brand of powerful Scoot vehicles. >

Rumors of a heavy-duty chassis from Volkswagen surfaced in late 2018 and then again in early 2020. Strange letters like T-Rug or Ruggdzz were guessed at the time, but now it seems that this model has a familiar name, "Scout". This is an issue raised by Volkswagen Group CEO Johan De Nysschen, who raised the issue of off-road off-road vehicles without pollution.

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Volkswagen now owns the Scoot brand through Traton. A subsidiary formed from the merger of Man, Scania and Navistar. If you are unfamiliar with this third brand, it should be noted that Novistar International was founded in 1986 as the successor to the old International Harvester and still owns the Scott brand.

Novistar Traton It was purchased in early July for $ 3.7 billion, and Volkswagen now owns the Scot brand, which will be used for its future model. In particular, the brand refers to cars, light and medium vans and long-wheelbase vehicles with a gross weight of more than 1088 kg.

The Scoot could go from being a subsidiary to an independent brand, and even selling its cars in separate dealerships. We have a distance. In addition, Volkswagen has announced the launch of the Trinity electric sedan in 2026, and although it does not necessarily indicate the launch of the Scoot after that, it does show that Volkswagen has more important plans.

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New electric models also include "ID. "ID Buzz" which will be released until next year and is followed by "Aero B" sedan which is preparing for 2023 and ID.1 or ID.2 which will be launched in 2025 and preview Earlier this month under the "Life of ID" concept. (ID. Life) was seen at the IAA exhibition. Will integrate PPE to create a scalable operating system (SSP). The Trinity electric sedan will be the first high-volume model to use this new platform, and it is clear that other brands in the Volkswagen Group will use the same platform due to its scalability.

Given that Jeep The introduction of the electric Wrangler has been announced, and Ford also intends to produce the electric version of the Bronco.

Cover photo: Graphic and hypothetical design of Volkswagen electric drone

Credit: CarShowroom

Source: Motor1

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