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The Vivo X80 Pro captures stunning images in the night light

BingMag.com The <b>Vivo</b> <b>X80</b> <b>Pro</b> <b>captures</b> <b>stunning</b> <b>images</b> in the <b>night</b> light

The flagships of the Vivo X80 series have not yet been officially announced and released, but information about them has been widely circulated in recent weeks. In the latest news related to these phones, we also saw the release of a sample image recorded by the Pro model in the night light, which shows the unparalleled quality of this product.

night light photography has been a dream for about 4 years. , Smartphones were able to have its advanced form. With this feature, the phone uses the light sources in the environment as much as it can to provide the necessary light to illuminate that environment. It then captures an image that normally would not have many details visible to us.

Previously, only well-known companies used this technology in their phones, but these days, thanks to advances. With the advent of technology, almost all companies operating in this field have the same performance and are ultimately slightly better than others. But we did not even think that the company whose product name we introduce as one of the best in the field of night photography is Vivo. A Chinese company that, of course, also produces high-quality handsets.

The Chinese company currently has the Vivo X70 series as the flagship phone on the market, but is set to unveil its successor, the X80, soon. We know that this series includes a standard and Pro model, but it is not clear whether the Pro Plus model will join them or not.

There has been little news about these phones, but today we are witnessing the release of a recorded image sample. We were introduced to the Pro model, the Vivo X80 Pro, which shows that its performance in night light photography is stunning. This phone will have 4 cameras, one of which is periscope. But this image was captured by the main camera.

BingMag.com The <b>Vivo</b> <b>X80</b> <b>Pro</b> <b>captures</b> <b>stunning</b> <b>images</b> in the <b>night</b> light BingMag.com The <b>Vivo</b> <b>X80</b> <b>Pro</b> <b>captures</b> <b>stunning</b> <b>images</b> in the <b>night</b> light

The beating heart of this phone will be the very powerful Diamond 9000 processor, but the Vivo X80 Pro will not rely on the image processing system of this processor for photography, but the Chinese company has used a separate system in it, which makes the images captured by it amazing in night light. To look. In addition, the phone gives you a preview of the final result before you take the picture to see if the scene is worth photographing. A very small but attractive feature that we do not yet see in the phones of other competing companies. This panel is more like the back panel of the Vivo X Fold and X Note, but it looks like a large periscope camera sensor that forces Vivo to direct other cameras to the center of the module so that the end result does not look too appealing. But in terms of quality, it is not lacking.

Now we have to wait and see when Vivo releases more information than its expected phones. We look forward to seeing what other good and unique features these attractive phones have. We hope the Chinese company will sell them in the global market as well, although it is very unlikely because Vivo often sells its products in China and Europe.

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