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Virgin Orbit launched seven satellites from space

BingMag.com <b>Virgin</b> <b>Orbit</b> <b>launched</b> <b>seven</b> <b>satellites</b> <b>from</b> space

The Virgin Orbit Launcher, launched on the company's aircraft, launched seven small satellites for three different customers and launched the third successful successive mission to The company figured out. Optimized for Virgin Orbit, with the LauncherOne rocket under its wing, it took off from the Mojave Airborne Port in Southern California.

The aircraft flew southwest for about 70 minutes. To reach its designated separation zone, part of the Pacific Ocean is about 80 miles southwest of the California Channel Islands. Thus, at 17:52 Eastern time zone (02:22 AM Tehran time), a two-stage missile at an altitude of about 35,000 feet (10,700 meters) detached from the aircraft and made its way to Earth orbit. At 18:53 Eastern Time Zone (03:23 Tehran time), Virgin Orbit announced that all seven shipments had successfully completed their planned orbit, which is a circular route 500 kilometers from Earth. Have been deployed.

A set of successes

Virgin Orbit intends to make a significant contribution with its Cosmic Girl aircraft and 21-meter Launcher rocket capable of orbiting 500 kg per mission Gets attention from small satellite launch market.

BingMag.com <b>Virgin</b> <b>Orbit</b> <b>launched</b> <b>seven</b> <b>satellites</b> <b>from</b> space

Virgin Orbit to launch Launcher rocket to 35,000 feet
Credit: Virgin Orbit

The company has partnered on its air launch strategy with Virgin Galactic space tourism company , Both as subsets of the Virgin Group under the management of Rich "Richard Branson" shares a significant advantage that gives customers more flexibility and features than traditional vertical launch missiles.

  • The first human-to-space flight from the heart of America

"Colonel Carlos Kinneys" (Col. "We are always looking for flexibility, because we need to be able to do the right thing, and not just deliver efficient technology, but deliver it on time," said Carlos Quiones, director of the US Army space Test Program (STP), one of the launch clients today. "Launching a rocket from an airplane makes this flexibility possible because you no longer depend on a specific ground point for launch and the challenges that may come with it," he added. "So we're excited about the path that technology is taking and the opportunities that come with it." The mission failed after the fuel rocket engine of the first stage of the rocket was torn. But the second test flight, in January 2021, went well, with the launcher launching 10 microsatellites for NASA's test launch program. The launcher's test phase ended with the third flight, which launched seven satellites into Orbit in June 2021.

Today's mission, which Virgin Orbit based on a song by Gangstar Called "Above the Clouds," Gang Starr carried seven satellites. Four satellites are supported by STP, which are intended for research and development of US space force programs. The experiments, according to Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit, are typically performed to test advanced space technologies and satellites and communications.

An STP test developed by NASA's Ames Research Center in California Satellite-13 is a display of advanced machine learning and communication technology in the nanosatellite category. Also, two satellites for the Polish company SatRevolution and one satellite for the San Francisco-based Spire Global were launched into Orbit today.

BingMag.com <b>Virgin</b> <b>Orbit</b> <b>launched</b> <b>seven</b> <b>satellites</b> <b>from</b> space

Launcher rocket path after separation from aircraft
Credit: Virgin Orbit

A busy year

Mission Over the Clouds kicked off a busy year for Virgin Orbit. The company plans to complete five more missions in 2022, including two from the Cornwall space port in the UK and three from the Mojave Air and space Port.

Hart About "It is expected that we will successfully complete the licensing process and some flight logistics, and we will work for that," the missions said. "This will be the first launch from British soil and the first orbital launch from Europe." Virgin Orbit is working to expand its launch to other areas. Guam may be the next option. The company is already preparing to launch from the Pacific island, as well as signing contracts to launch from Japan and Brazil.

According to Hart, the company is also in talks with countries including Australia and several countries. It is European as well as countries in other regions, so it will have a busy year ahead. Credit: Virgin Orbit

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