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The veteran American actor's historic trip to space was a success

BingMag.com The veteran American actor's historic trip to space was a success

Moments ago, the New Shepard spacecraft successfully returned to Earth from its short space trip to set a record for veteran American actor William Shatner.

The New Shepard manned spacecraft, designed for space tourism flights, successfully reached the space border for the second time and landed safely about 11 minutes later on schedule. But the flight was important in another sense as well. (Star Trek) is known as the special traveler of this space trip. Now 90, he not only broke the record for the oldest man to go into space, but is now the first American actor to go into space.

The flight was delayed for several days. Due to weather conditions and a few minutes delay in checking the technical condition of the launch, at 10:50 AM Eastern time (18:20 Tehran time), it finally took off from the Blue Origin launch pad in western Texas.

Shatner Born March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Canada, he has worked for more than 70 years as an actor, writer, producer, screenwriter and singer in the art world. He is not unaware of new experiences even at this age, and in October 2019 with the music album "The Blues" (The Blues) topped the Billboard.

Shatner last appeared as Captain Kirk in 1994 Was. However, he has since appeared in many space-related programs, video games and television commercials, and even for NASA programs. In 2011, for example, he recorded a rewritten version of the original and iconic monologue of the Space Patrol in honor of NASA's last space shuttle trip.

BingMag.com The veteran American actor's historic trip to space was a success

Willia Shatner as Captain Kirk

Now the space is a new experience for her. Although Shatner has a close relationship with space launch companies such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, which have been active in space tourism and has witnessed space missions many times before, he now has a completely different experience with direct space travel. The astronauts on the last shuttle mission, the STS-133, will not forget his audible voice on March 7, 2011, the last day the shuttle was connected to the International Space Station: "Space, the ultimate frontier, these are the journeys." They were the Discovery space shuttle. Its 30-year mission: the search for new science; "To build new bases, to bring nations together at the final frontier, to advance boldly and to do something no spacecraft has ever done before." Experience presence in space. Journey by Audrey Powers, Blue Origin Vice President of Missions and Flight Operations, Chris Boshuizen, Founder of Planet Labs, and Glen de Vries Vice President The head of life and health sciences at the French software company Dassault Systmes also accompanied him.

On this flight, 7 minutes and 20 seconds after takeoff, the New Shepard rocket successfully landed on the platform. Landing, landing and at the same time the astronauts reached a height of about 110 km for about 4 minutes experienced its microscopes and watched a unique view of the earth and space. Eventually, the mission ended with a parachute landing on the astronauts at Eastern Time (18:30 Tehran time). The New Shepherd BE-3 is powered by more than 1 million horsepower, so astronauts will experience 3g of acceleration as they take off, reaching 6g when re-entering the atmosphere.

Travel is also another test for the safety and comfort of the Blue Origin spacecraft. Earlier, some employees of the company had talked about a safety flaw in the New Shepard capsule, but today space flight is also a practical test for the spacecraft, which Powers successfully successfully returned to space as the company's oldest man and Shatner as the oldest man. With the flight today, Blue Origin successfully took another important step in sending humans to the edge of space, and now it can be said that age is not a limit for tourist trips to the border of space. It remains to be seen how the world of space travel will turn out, and whether the cost of booking each seat will be so low that retirees will make space travel one of their choices in addition to travel to other countries.

Credit: Blue Origin

Sources: Blue Origin, NASA Space Flight, The Conversation

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