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Users have shown less interest in iOS 15 compared to iOS 14

BingMag.com Users have shown less interest in iOS 15 compared to iOS 14

According to recent news, it seems that users using the iOS operating system have shown less interest in iOS 15 compared to iOS 14 .

iOS 15 was released to the public almost last week, on September 20 (September 30) with not so dramatic and revolutionary changes. But the difference between this update and the old iOS updates was that Apple did not make it mandatory. This means that users who are currently using iOS 14 on their iPhones may not be able to upgrade to their new operating system. This group of users, however, will be able to receive security updates and will not only receive the main software update (of their choice).

This issue, however, made users reluctant to upgrade their device to the new operating system. According to recent reports, after the official release of iOS 15, only 8.5% of users have installed it, which is much less than installing iOS 14 in the same period last year. According to last year's figures, about 14.5% of users installed iOS 14 in the same period, which shows a huge difference.

Of course, it is still clear It is not clear whether these figures are reliable or not because Apple has not officially confirmed them. Of course, this should not happen, because the American company usually expressed satisfaction with the willingness of users to install them at its developers' conference, when the company's new operating system was unveiled. But since the installation of iOS 15 was not mandatory, it can be predicted that users were less inclined to install it.

Why did iOS 15 suffer such a bad fate?

Naturally, when an update is mandatory, the installation rate will be better than when the update is not mandatory. Since iOS 15 did not have revolutionary changes compared to the previous version, it was natural that users did not show much desire to install it. Because these changes do not seem to satisfy them. IOS 15 will probably get better and better in the coming days, weeks or months as many of its good features were not yet available at launch. Taking into account these good features, we see that many other changes have been largely minor. Therefore, a lower installation rate and lower satisfaction seem perfectly normal.

Source: PhoneArena

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