A user simulated all the structures of the universe in Minecraft

One Minecraft user has used this open-world game to build all kinds of incredibly detailed universe structures.

One Minecraft user has used this open-world game to build all kinds of incredibly detailed universe structures.

Minecraft has been used to build several incredible creative projects so far, including an example of San Francisco's Chinatown. Or Van Gogh's starry night painting is used. Now, a gamer has taken the creativity of this popular sandbox game even further and created what he calls "the entire known universe".

While the vastness of the universe may be daunting to some, 18-year-old Christopher Slayton decided to embrace it instead of fearing it. So for about two months, he analyzed the structures in space and using The virtual cubes that make up the world of the video game "Minecraft" succeeded in modeling the universe.

Slayton, who graduated from high school this spring, researched black holes, the different colors of Saturn's rings. evaluated and looked at pictures of the Earth to build the world block by block on his computer.

The teenager has published a documentary of the project on his YouTube channel, ChrisDaCow. "After all the effort I put into recreating the world, I realize even more than before how beautiful it is," he told The Times about his work.

BingMag.com A user simulated all the structures of the universe in Minecraft

Black Hole in Minecraft

During the project, he complemented his creations with practical and popular experiences. . For example, before recreating the Earth as the first object he created, he decided to go skydiving to see the Earth's scenery from above, and as he noted in a YouTube video, "the beauty of our planet is truly awe-inspiring."

He then Using a reference sphere, he measured the position of each continent to build his large-scale Earth block and then proceeded to build each planet in the solar system.

Slayton used the brightest blocks in Minecraft for the sun. and even modeled the solar flares so that the fireworks of this star can be fully felt. Next, when he intended to create galaxy clusters, he first used a telescope on top of a mountain to observe the stars, gas, dust, and planets that he was trying to model.

He used his own experience of He explained this observation as follows: "We were surrounded by the universe, millions of stars were right in front of our eyes." Slayton recreated a black hole in his model world inspired by the 2014 film Interstellar. and made the pillars of gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, which are known as "Pillars of Creation". Finally, he created a spherical, grid-like structure that represented the entire universe.

During the project, he used various "mods" or changes that the structure or code contained in the project to speed up the construction process. edits a video game.

Slayton's work is in fact a continuation of the work of many Minecraft players who have built real-world and otherworldly structures, including Mount Olympus in Greek mythology and Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings. , they try.

BingMag.com A user simulated all the structures of the universe in Minecraft

Creation columns in Minecraft

The first version of Minecraft was made publicly available in 2009, but the full version was released in 2011. Since then, this game has become one of the most popular video games in the world, and various YouTube channels, forums, and competitions have been dedicated to it.

According to "B. Reeja Jayan" (B. Reeja Jayan), mechanical engineer of Carnegie Mellon University. This game is more than just entertainment and has practical and educational applications as well. He uses Minecraft to teach a material science course, and many teachers in schools have used Minecraft to teach students about climate change.

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He said: I think learning should be fun and one of the advantages of using games like Minecraft is their flexibility. The game is very easy for a young child to learn, but at the same time it can be adapted to teach advanced scientific concepts." Address the fourth dimension, multiverse and other cosmic issues. "I want to tell a really fun story, unlike what everyone else has done, I'm going to raise the bar a bit," he said.

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Credit: Minecraft/Christopher Slayton

Sources: CNet, Smithsonian Mag

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