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The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G series will probably be delayed

BingMag.com The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G series will probably be delayed

There is a lot of speculation in cyberspace this fall about Samsung's new high-end series of phones, the Galaxy S22 5G. As very little information has been released about Samsung's new S22 series, which will include the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and Ultra, it is not yet clear when the Galaxy S22 5G series will be officially unveiled by the tech giant. Although it seems to be the most tolerable option for the official launch of this series of phones in January 2022, but recently the rumors of possible delay of Galaxy S22 5G have caused concern among users and they are hoping that the problem of shortage The global chip, the same problem that caused the long delay in the release of the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, will not affect the production of Samsung's new flagship. Samsung is still working on its flagship 2021 cost-effective project, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, but its prolongation will likely overshadow the introduction of other new Samsung products in 2022.

BingMag.com The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G series will probably be delayed

Despite Ice Universe optimism and estimates from two other credible sources, February 2022 is the most likely date for Samsung to officially unveil the Galaxy S22 5G series. It seems. Of course, many analysts have high hopes for the official release of this product in the last week of January. Front Page Tech claims that in the second week of February we will see the official introduction of this phone. It is worth noting that all these announced dates depend on the problem of chip shortages in the next few months, and from now on it is not possible to set a definite date for the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 5G series.

One of the famous revelators of this Background: John Prosser has announced the official release date of Samsung's new flagships on February 25, 2022, according to which the pre-sale of these phones will start on February 10 or 11. At the time of the launch of the Galaxy S21, Samsung had delivered these products to their buyers in a period of 2 weeks without any production problems. According to the latest rumors about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, this phone will be introduced in December or January. Unlike the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, where analysts have little hope of Samsung succeeding in the project unless it sells for less than $ 600, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will attract a lot of users and enthusiasts with a possible launch in February. February was the month in which the Samsung Galaxy S20 series was unveiled, so this delay can be considered as a return of Samsung to the release date of its old products. Of course, provided that this unveiling date does not exceed February. Apart from the rumors about the introduction date of these phones, there is still speculation about the technical specifications of these products. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to have a lot of potential as Samsung's most powerful flagship next year. But having a lot of features is not the whole story, but a flagship phone should have the best features as well. It seems that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of these flagships that is going to be launched with a series of special and functional features.

BingMag.com The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G series will probably be delayed

Apart from the foldable screen phones, we have not seen any special innovations from smartphone manufacturers for several years, and only the same features are used with a slight improvement compared to the previous year. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is not going to be particularly innovative; But it is said that in terms of camera and display, we will see a significant improvement compared to before, and we may even see a new record set by Samsung in this field. Except for all the good features that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be equipped with, such as the 6.8-inch display with 1440P resolution, the Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 888 processor, the 108-megapixel camera with the new sensor, and the 5,000mAh battery. A number of new features will be added to the display and camera.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come to set a new record once again. It looks like the screen brightness of this phone will reach a staggering 1800 nits that we have not seen in any other smartphone. This means watching video or image content or doing anything on the Galaxy S22 Ultra in general will be incredibly enjoyable and enjoyable. According to many news agencies, the charger speed, which will not be included in the box of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is 45 watts. But the interesting thing about this is that it is said that the time required to charge the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be only 30 minutes. The previous generation is tangible. It remains to be seen in the coming days what information about the release date and technical specifications of the new series of Samsung flagships will be published in cyberspace.

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