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The unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 and Pixel Watch has been revealed

BingMag.com The unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 and Pixel Watch has been revealed

John Praser on the past and on his Twitter account revealed the unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 as well as the Pixel Watch smartwatch.


A few minutes ago, it was reported that John Praser, one of the most famous revelators in the field of information technology, had published about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition and the launch date of this product. According to him, Samsung will unveil this phone on January 4 next year (January 14) and a week later (January 11 - January 21) it will officially launch it on the market. Samsung apparently did not like the remarks either, as the Korean company wanted everything to be a surprise.

Praser shared the news with users on his official Twitter account, but it seems so. It wasn't just the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition that Praser mentioned. The famous revealer also published news about the unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 series phones yesterday, which, of course, we already had some information about; But not exactly.

According to the latest news, Samsung was scheduled to unveil the Galaxy S22 series in February. This happened every year except last year when the company decided to unveil its handsets 6 weeks earlier in January. This year, for whatever reason, Samsung has not been able to go as planned last year and plans to unveil its powerful handsets in February, the second month of this year, as usual.

News by Proser, we only knew that the unveiling date of the flagships of the Galaxy S22 series will be one day in February, but according to the revealer, on February 8 (February 7), users can officially pre-purchase this product. Their official release date will be February 18, ie 10 days later (February 19). Thus, it seems that the first week or finally the first 10 days of February should see the unveiling of these phones and less than two weeks after their official launch.

Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra are the names of the three It is a product that Samsung is going to unveil and launch in its second Unpacked event next year. It seems that the Korean company wants to use the 4-nanometer chips of Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200 as the beating heart of these phones. And in general, other parts of the world will be sold. It will perform much better than the new Adreno. Of course, in some tests, this graphics chip even managed to surpass Apple's chip, but it was said that these advantages are due to the maximum processing power of the processor, and inside a phone, it is possible to use such a processing power due to excessive heat. None.

But that's not the whole story of the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung plans to design its phones this year, except for the Ultra model, which is slightly smaller than the previous generation. The Galaxy S22 is rumored to have a 6.06-inch display as standard on the series, while the Plus and Ultra will have 6.55-inch and 6.81-inch screens, respectively. At first it may seem that Samsung has made a strange decision, but in fact it is not. The Korean company in these models again reduced the size of the margins and made the phone wider. In this way, these phones have become similar in design to the iPhone 13 series phones; That is, instead of being taller, they are wider.

BingMag.com The unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 and Pixel Watch has been revealed BingMag.com The unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 and Pixel Watch has been revealed

With a 120Hz display, play games, watch videos, browse the web and much more Other items will be extraordinarily enjoyable for users. A number of apps and services that do not support this amount of refresh, such as email, text and the like, will display texts and content in general at a refresh rate of at least 10 Hz on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and 48 Hz on the other two models. .

We will also see changes on the back panel of these phones. It seems that this time the Korean company wants to use a 50-megapixel sensor as the main camera for both the standard and plus models. The ultra-wide camera will still be the same 12 megapixels, but the size of the telephoto sensor will reach 10 megapixels. It seems that this time, unlike the last two generations, we should see a real telephoto camera with the possibility of at least 3x optical zoom in standard and Pro models.

For the Ultra model, but as expected, more cameras will be used. Larger sensors. According to the latest information, the main camera of the Galaxy S22 is 108 megapixels like the previous two generations, but the ultra-wide camera and telephoto camera will remain the same 12 and 10 megapixels. In addition to these sensors, there will be a 10-megapixel periscope sensor for multiple zoom on the back panel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It should be noted that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is capable of capturing 108-megapixel images in daylight, but it also captures 12-megapixel images with high detail using the 9-in-one pixel capability. It should also be noted that apparently the camera module of the two standard and plus models will be similar to the current generation, but on the back panel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra we will see a completely different appearance, because this time the cameras will be placed separately on the panel in the form of the letter P

BingMag.com The unveiling date of the Galaxy S22 and Pixel Watch has been revealed

But we get to the battery, where we still see a decrease in numbers in the two We are a plus and standard model. According to the information, Samsung apparently wants to use a relatively small 3700 mAh battery in the Galaxy S22, which seems to be the only hope for the optimal performance of the Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898 so that this battery can perform well. Unlike the Galaxy S21 Plus, which had a 4800 mAh battery, the Plus model is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery as its power supply. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery unchanged from the previous two generations.

The difference between the three phones does not end there, as apparently the Korean company wants to use different materials in their construction. Slowly According to rumors and rumors, apparently the only model that uses a combination of metal and glass is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the other two models will have a plastic body. Of course, this year the Korean company used plastic only in the body of the standard model, but it remains to be seen whether it will do the same next year.

Good news for users and fans of the Note series phones, despite the removal of this series A favorite of Samsung's product portfolio could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra benefiting from the stylus. That way, users will no longer have to spend money to buy a pen separately, as their smartphone comes with both a stylus and a case. Just like the Galaxy Note series phones that came with the stylus, which is why they became so popular with users because we saw that the Galaxy S21 Ultra with all these features and capabilities, although it supported the stylus, but without it and even It went on the market without a pen holder and was not welcomed by users at all. This is the main reason why we see that the Korean company decided to consider this case for its new galaxy.

Of course, the pen case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra has another meaning, and that is that there is definitely news of It will not be the Galaxy Note series phones. Thus, the summer that users spend every year hoping to watch the unveiling of the Galaxy Note series phones, this time hosts the Korean company's clamshell phones. Phones that have been invested heavily and Samsung is very hopeful of selling them.

But aside from the Galaxy, we have to mention something else. John Praser also referred to the Pixel Watch smartwatch. It seems that in the first three months of this year, we should also see the unveiling of Google Smartwatch, but unfortunately we do not have information about the details of this gadget.

It seems that February of the year The future of the year will be an exciting month for tech enthusiasts, especially Samsung users and fans. So right now, remember February 8th and 18th (February 19th and 29th) and wait for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series galaxies.

Samsung did not sell well at all this year with the Galaxy S21 series handsets. These products sold even less in the first six months than the Galaxy S20 series, which was said to have been criticized for overheating the Exynos 990 chip, which was not good news for Samsung at all. In a year when some companies are selling well without changing their flagships, Samsung has not been able to perform satisfactorily with the changes, which is normal. Reducing the quality of the phone and eliminating a number of attractive features, as well as offering it at a relatively high price, naturally does not leave any desire to buy.

But it remains to be seen what performance the Korean company will show this time. Will we see the return of Samsung's flagships to the best-selling flagships?

The revealer was famous. Therefore, it is suggested that you consider this news as a very probable rumor.

Source: PhoneArena

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