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The United States has boycotted Pegasus, the maker of spyware

BingMag.com The United States has boycotted Pegasus, the maker of spyware

US Commerce Department cites reports of Pegasus spy software against journalists, government officials, political activists and others to US companies Has ordered not to provide its technologies to the Israeli company NSO. The State Department said in a statement that NSO posed a threat to international order by selling the tool to repressive governments.

In simple terms, Pegasus is a commercial spy tool. Unlike malware used by cybercriminals to make money through theft and other such activities, Pegasus is designed for espionage only. When this tool can penetrate an Android phone or iPhone, the gadget becomes a complete eavesdropping tool.

Text messages, emails, WhatsApp messages, etc. can be easily read and copied with this tool. With this tool, it is even possible to record phone calls and steal photos from the phone. It can also secretly turn on the phone's microphone and camera. When you combine these with the potential to access past and present spatial data, it is clear that the other party can obtain almost all of the information desired by the victim.

BingMag.com The United States has boycotted Pegasus, the maker of spyware

According to published reports, the software was able to infiltrate the victims' phones even by sending an invisible text message without the other party doing anything. Different countries use this software to spy on journalists, political activists, government officials and other important people.

Pegasus has been in the headlines many times in recent years, for example, we can hack Mexican journalists in 2017 and WhatsApp alleges NSO's use of security holes in the app to hack into people's phones. It should be noted, however, that the Israeli company NSO has repeatedly stated that the Pegasus tool has never been used to spy on American users. Have also been banned for selling spyware. Along with the two Israeli companies, a Russian company and a Singaporean company have been added to the US Department of Commerce blacklist for selling hacking tools.

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Source: The Verge

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