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The unboxing video of the Galaxy A53 was released before the official unveiling

Although Samsung plans to officially unveil the Galaxy A53 and two other phones in this series in four days, today we saw the unboxing of this phone so that Yet another Samsung event is purely ceremonial.

These days, tech whistleblowers, news sources and analysts are releasing information about smartphones months before they are officially unveiled. Although some of this information is always wrong, over time more credible news is added to it that eventually everything becomes a product. As a result, we do not see anything special or surprising in a product launch event. That's why Apple decided to stop leaking information about its products. To know. But the software features of a number of Android phone apps are occasionally revealed in the news, so much so that the launch event is often a ceremonial event that puts money on the hands of companies.

However, this is currently the case. Of course, this is not too bad for users, as they can get information and make purchasing decisions much sooner than it is supposed to be unveiled. For example, now the unboxing video of the Galaxy A53 has been leaked, which not only thanks to which we can be sure of the technical specifications of this phone, but we can even find out whether the recent rumor about removing the charger from the box of Samsung's new midrange is true. It is or is just a rumor.

How this phone got to this user is not clear at all, but whatever it is, the Korean company does not seem to care at all. The Galaxy A53 with 5G support is scheduled to be officially unveiled in four days along with the Galaxy A73 and A33. The unboxing video of this phone also looks quite real, so apparently you will have the same experience when you buy the phone.

One of the most frustrating things about this product is the removal of the charger from the box. It reduces or even eliminates the desire of users to buy it. Intermediaries usually come with a charger these days, and we did not expect Samsung, which first ridiculed Apple for removing the charger from the box of its handsets, to do so on its own.

And there is no simple jelly case in the box, the user has to pay a relatively large amount after buying these phones to buy an adapter, a handsfree compatible with the phone and a good case, all of which are no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer. Of course, the excuse of these companies is environmental protection, although in the same small package in which the phone is placed, you can also put a handsfree and an adapter. However, there must be a way to compensate companies that seem to achieve this by removing the charger and headphones.

Regarding the video, we must say that because it is a meme (meme, interesting things happen Which are passed in the form of text, image or gif in the form of humor or irony), so it does not have a very good sound effect. Especially since at the beginning of the text the sound is very loud and sharp. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn down or mute your device before clicking or touching the "Play" option, as no useful information will be released during this 40-second video.

Source: SamMobile

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