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Unboxing and short review of Mini Pod Mini; The cheapest Apple smart speaker

About three years ago, Apple introduced the first generation of the home speaker "HomePad" to the world, which at that time was not as well received as it should have been due to its high price of $ 350. But with the launch of the $ 99 Homa Pod Mini at the same time as the introduction of the iPhone 12 Series, Apple hopes to be able to draw more attention to its smart speakers. And Google Assistant has hit the market, trying to capture some of the market share of smart speakers by relying on the good capabilities of Siri smart Assistant, excellent sound quality, and compact design and beautiful colors.

Apple's smart speakers (both main home Pod and Mini Pod mini) require Wi-Fi and wired connection to work. Therefore, they are not considered portable. But the sound quality and volume of the Home Pod Mini is so great and satisfying that it does not bother you much. In fact, we'll definitely be amazed to hear so good sound from a small speaker like the Home Pod Mini.

The Home Pod Mini Mini speaker is only compatible with iOS and needs to be used Have at least one iPhone or iPad. To learn more about this speaker, and to discover its other features, we invite you to watch this video.

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