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The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars

BingMag.com The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars

The UAE Space Agency has released new and interesting data from the Omid probe mission, some of which show the spring season on Mars.


The UAE now has a passenger on the Red Planet with the "Hope" probe. Hope was the first spacecraft to land on Mars in the 2020 launch window, and China's Tianwen-1 and US Perseverance spacecraft were launched shortly thereafter.

The probe, which orbits the planet to study the upper and lower levels of the Martian atmosphere, began recording scientific data on the amount of gases in the planet's upper atmosphere, which include hydrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide, immediately after its arrival.

The UAE has now begun sharing this data with science centers around the world, and has also made more than 110 GB of mission data publicly available to help it better understand the surface of Mars. BingMag.com The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars

A picture of Mars and a clear view of Mount Olympus, the tallest volcano Solar System
Credit: UAE Space Agency

The data collected by this orbiter show that the level of oxygen and of course carbon monoxide on Mars is higher than expected. The new images also challenge our perception of how the planet's atmospheric gases behave and interact, and the mission team says more data will be released in the coming weeks.

In this new data, a spectacular photo , Shows the spring in the northern hemisphere of Mars, and to its left, the Tharsis Montes Mountains, three massive volcanoes, are clearly visible. Hessa Al Matroushi

"These observations have completely unexpected features and we believe that they will have a great impact on our current models of the Martian atmosphere and our understanding of its behavior because we have never foreseen structures of this magnitude and complexity," said the UAE Mars Mars Senior Scientist. .

BingMag.com The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars

Clear image of the Cerberus pit Mars
Credit: UAE Space Agency

According to current data, the atmosphere of Mars is so thin and decaying that the release of oxygen and hydrogen makes life impossible, and therefore flight B The genius roundabout in this thin atmosphere is a challenging mission.

Research now based on data from the Hope probe is helping to create a more accurate model of the Martian atmosphere and how it interacts with solar radiation. These data could also help determine why Mars, once a habitable planet, is losing its atmosphere.

Omid's observations also indicate unusual atmospheric turbulence due to high oxygen density . "We expected to see an almost uniform structure of oxygen at 130.4 nanometers across the planet, but in parts with unforeseen changes of 50 percent or more," said Justin Deighan, scientific deputy director of the Omid mission. We are. "

He added:" The scientific team is currently refining its models to provide a strong interpretation of these findings. "These findings are challenging and are exactly the scientific goals for which the mission was designed." While the UV spectrometer measures particles that are fleeing the planet, the infrared spectrometer also captures images at various infrared wavelengths.

BingMag.com The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars BingMag.com The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars

Also, a high-resolution camera called the "Exploratory Camera" has captured hundreds of images of the planet so far, using special filters to Scientists have provided information such as the amount of ice in the atmosphere, small particles of ice water, ozone storms and dust. Solar system to do the same.

Cover photo: Spring on Mars from the point of view of the UAE Omid Explorer
Credit: UAE Space Agency

Source: UAE NN

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