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Two amazing uses of blockchain that can change the world

To date, we all know the most well-known application of blockchain technology. You guessed it: digital currency. But is this the best and only way to use this revolutionary technology?

Join BingMag Meg for a look at Two amazing blockchain applications that can change the world.

The most used blockchain technology is digital currencies. In 2022, we saw that NFTs (non-replaceable tokens that are part of the Atrium blockchain) have attracted public attention. But apart from these Two cases, this technology has not yet become something that most people use.

The news that is published about this revolutionary technology is often similar and focuses more on the performance of this technology as a basis. And it's the basis of digital currencies, but sometimes we hear the news that this technology has been used creatively in various industries. For example, Nestl has put its formula in the blockchain to protect it, and a Norwegian salmon farmer, Cermaq, has implemented a system in the blockchain where customers can scan a QR code for complete information about the fish. Who have purchased. Such as the path that the fish took from the moment it was an egg to the moment it was offered in a store across the border, or even what these salmon ate.

Business Things are in a silent competition for the title of "leader" in the industry, which is why these companies publish news from time to time that a normal user understands whether this news is true or not or for us. They are useful or difficult to use.

To clarify the issue, we contacted several experts in these businesses to find some of the amazing applications of blockchain technology that can change our lives. One of these specialists is Patrick Layer, Senior Director of Business Development at PVH. (PVH is one of the largest fashion companies in the world, dating back more than 140 years and owns sub-brands such as Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER, which operates in more than 40 countries.)

BingMag.com <b>Two</b> <b>amazing</b> <b>uses</b> of <b>blockchain</b> <b>that</b> <b>can</b> <b>change</b> the world

Patrick Layer Senior Business Development Officer at PVH

When Asked how amazing the use of blockchain technology would be in ordinary people's lives, he spoke quickly about fashion. Patrick Layer believes that the use of blockchain technology could revolutionize the fashion and clothing industry. By scanning a QR code, shoppers can easily access important information such as where the raw materials for the garment came from, the originality of the clothing purchased, the time of production and much more.

He believes that with blockchain Other luxury companies will not have to worry about copying their brand in different parts of the world, and people who buy from stores anywhere in the world can be sure of the authenticity of their product by scanning a code, as well as this technology in the resale market. They will have a very interesting one. By implementing this process, it is even possible to verify the authenticity of second-hand luxury goods, which used to be possible by paying large sums of money and expert approval.

From the example above, we can see how blockchain technology Affects the purchase and sale of physical products. In simple terms, it allows us all to know more about the origin of our goods and also gives us very complete information about the authenticity of the goods purchased.

But what are the other interesting applications of blockchain technology? ? Well, Fabian Vogelsteller, the founder of the LUKSO blockchain, believes that blockchain will change the way we operate online.

BingMag.com <b>Two</b> <b>amazing</b> <b>uses</b> of <b>blockchain</b> <b>that</b> <b>can</b> <b>change</b> the world

Fabian Vogelsteller Founder of the LUKSO blockchain

Fabian Vogelsteller is a blockchain veteran who was part of the Atrium Foundation in its early days. From 2015 to 2018, he helped shape the Atrium space, the official Atrium wallet, the first decentralized Web 3 browser, and tools like web3.js that were most used in the JavaScript library. In November 2015, he proposed ERC 20, the token standard that launched the ICO wave and the DeFi movement.

, And this is because users often need to authenticate separately and create different accounts to use different social networking platforms, and these accounts can no longer be combined with other Internet applications. In fact, we have to register separately and log in to each platform.

In addition, what prevents Web3 from accepting mainstream is the "identity layer". as For example, Vogelsteller stated that current blockchain digital wallets are cumbersome to manage, easily lost, unable to refer to information such as specifications, etc.

So the main idea of creating a It is a "global index", which acts as "a unique identifier in the digital world". In other words, we can have a single online identity that allows us to work seamlessly online.

, Where power is transferred from the platforms to the users themselves, is very important. It has the potential to provide a very safe and healthy environment for users.

The above are just Two of the many examples that show us how blockchain can be essentially how we live our lives. And if this technology can do any of these things, the way we interact online will change completely.

All we can do is wait and see that Is this what will happen in the future, or will the blockchain surprise us and offer something completely different?

Source: thenextweb

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