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Twitter makes it easier to search users' tweets with the release of a new feature

BingMag.com Twitter makes it easier to search users' tweets with the release of a new feature

Some Twitter users on iOS have access to a new feature that makes it much easier to search a user's tweets than before. . For those users for whom this feature is enabled, when they refer to the user profile page, the search icon in that user's tweets will be displayed in the upper right corner of the page next to the three-point menu. Then, they can type keywords to search for user tweets.

According to Twitter, this new feature is available to all global iOS users and will be gradually added to the web and Android versions. Searches such as Advanced Search were previously possible on Twitter, but were a bit difficult for many users to work with. For example, if you search TechCrunch @ Twitter, you can see all the TechCrunch tweets containing the word "Twitter", regardless of whether you have access to the new search feature.

BingMag.com Twitter makes it easier to search users' tweets with the release of a new feature

By searching for a phrase and then clicking on the three-point menu next to the search bar, you can access the advanced search feature of this platform. With this feature you will be able to adjust searches by date, interest rate and more. But other than that, the new ability to search tweets will make it easier for many users to do so. Just typing the word will show you the tweets associated with it, and you no longer need to scroll through all of a user's tweets. This platform is encouraging. Recently, this popular platform announced the release of the Super Follow feature. Twitter's Super Follow feature is a new feature that allows content creators and celebrities to publish some tweets only to their super followers. In fact, Super Follow is something like a monetary subscription, and users can sponsor their loved ones financially by following them. Special users and influencers can set the monthly fee of Super Follow between $ 2.99, $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 as they wish. According to Twitter, 97% of this cost will be transferred directly to the account of the account holder. However, the Twitter revenue limit for users is set at $ 50,000. After reaching this level, net income will reach 80% and the remaining 20% will reach Twitter and intermediaries.

The platform also recently introduced a new security feature for its users. In this way, the user can go to the Followers option in his profile and click on 3 dots so that a certain person cannot see his tweets. In the next step, it is enough to select the "Delete this follower" option. This feature gives users more control. This way, the person removed from the list of followers can still see the user's public tweets. In addition, Twitter is testing the Safty Mode feature, which automatically blocks malicious accounts. The company is also looking for ways to filter and limit responses to tweets.

Twitter, which is always trying to increase communication between its users, has bought the Sphere chat app for an unspecified amount. Twitter's vice president of engineering, Nick Caldwell, said the move would help develop communities, builders and user messaging faster. Sphere chat app seems to be a good purchase for Twitter, because with this app it can provide the necessary grounds for more communication between its users.

BingMag.com Twitter makes it easier to search users' tweets with the release of a new feature

Twitter can also take advantage of Sphere features across its social network and have a say against Instagram and other social networks. The growth of social media in the last decade has revolutionized the way we communicate and use the Internet and has had a profound impact on our lives. With evolving technology, social media, digital currencies, and ICOs, the way people invest in a variety of fields has changed.

Other new features of Twitter include Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue subscription service was initially available to users in Australia and Canada, but the platform intends to make users of this service available to users in other countries as well. By offering this service and its features, Twitter intends to make its Twitter user experience more personal and clear. The subscription fee for this new service is currently around $ 2.89 for Canadian users and $ 3.44 for Australian users, and over time it will create more features and benefits for subscribers.

Features of this new service can be referred to the bookmark folder that users of this service can use this feature to organize their saved tweets. Additionally, subscribers can preview the tweet before modifying their tweets using the Undo Tweet feature and modify it if necessary.

Source: Techcrunch

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