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Twitter has begun testing the Notes feature for long text writing

Twitter yesterday unveiled a new Notes feature that allows users to write long content. Based on the information provided, such a feature is supposed to simulate the environment of blogs on Twitter.

If users write such long text, a link to the desired Notes will be placed in their profile so that other users can easily. Have access to these links. Twitter has announced that, like regular tweets, it is possible to like and retweet these notes.

In addition to text, users can also include files such as photos, videos and GIFs in their notes. This feature is currently only enabled for a small group of users in a limited number of countries, but will likely be enabled for a larger group of users in the near future.

There have been many unofficial reports in recent months about the development of this feature. It was published, and now Twitter has finally confirmed the existence of such a feature. The ability to write long texts can greatly change the personality of the Twitter brand. Because this social network has become known as a platform for writing short texts. It should be noted that initially users could write only 140 characters per tweet, but in 2017 this limit reached 280 characters.

On the other hand, in recent years, many users have published several consecutive tweets related to a topic. Which is referred to as a string of tweets, have turned. That's why this new Notes feature is likely to be welcomed by this group of users. This will also make the posts easier to search than before. But in the end we have to see if this feature will be widely welcomed by users or not.

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Source: The Verge

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