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Twitter hacker wants to sell information of 5.4 million users for $30,000

BingMag.com <b>Twitter</b> <b>hacker</b> <b>wants</b> to <b>sell</b> <b>information</b> of <b>5.4</b> <b>million</b> <b>users</b> for $30,000

Apparently, a hacker managed to hack Twitter and gain access to the information of 5.4 million users. The negative point of the story is that he now wants to sell this information for $30,000.

Twitter, which is not in a clear state these days because of the Elon Musk incident, was recently hacked by a hacker and the information of millions of people It is also in danger of being leaked from its users. The hacker who hacked this social network somehow managed to gain access to the information of 5.4 million users, including mobile numbers and email addresses, and made them available for sale on his forum for $30,000.

This hacker announced yesterday that the information he has includes the mobile number and email address of famous people, companies and ordinary users, which can be interesting and valuable for many. This hacker even mentioned in his forum that he hacked Twitter and said that there are important people's information among these 5.4 million people. Of course, in the conversation that this hacker had with the source website, he claimed that in December 2021, he was able to access the information of Twitter users due to a security breach, and now he wants to sell them.

Twitter, of course, still It has not officially confirmed the matter but told the source website (BleepingComputer) that it is investigating the situation to see if this hack actually happened. However, BleepingComputer believes that its own investigations show that this news is real. Apparently, the hacker sent a series of phone numbers and e-mail addresses to BleepingComputer to prove that he was telling the truth, and the website found out the truth by checking them. However, the number of users who checked the source website They are very limited and it has to be seen if they really reach 6.4 million people or not. To clarify this issue, we have to wait to see what news Twitter publishes.

Source: BleepingComputer

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