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Twitter announced the purchase of the Sphere chat app to increase communication between users

BingMag.com Twitter announced the purchase of the Sphere chat app to increase communication between users

Twitter is always trying to increase communication between its users. According to CBNC, Twitter has bought the chat app Sphere for an unknown amount. Twitter's vice president of engineering, Nick Caldwell, said the move would help develop communities, builders and user messaging faster. There is no exact information about this, but it is said that the Sphere social network will be dissolved in November this year and will be available to Facebook users.

BingMag.com Twitter announced the purchase of the Sphere chat app to increase communication between users

The Sphere social network has been hailed by many users not only for its capabilities but also for its ability to monetize. The company's entrepreneur is Nick Dalusio, who attracted people's attention even as a teenager. At the age of 17, he sold Summly to Yahoo (the parent company of Engadget). He is also the founder of Airbnb and Tinder. While the Sphere social network is not as widespread as Twitter, with only 20% of its employees working for the company, they have high hopes for growth and expansion.

The Sphere chat app seems to be a good buy for Twitter. , Because with this app, it can provide the necessary grounds for more communication between its users. Twitter can also take advantage of Sphere features across its social network and have a say against Instagram and other social networks. The growth of social media in the last decade has revolutionized the way we communicate and use the Internet and has had a profound impact on our lives. With evolving technology, social networks, digital currencies, and ICOs, the way people invest in different fields has changed.

When we look at Facebook's market value of more than $ 510 billion, we realize that How much can technology, and especially social media, influence the market? Ten years ago, no one could have imagined the existence of a company called Facebook, which is a virtual community for everyone in the world to share information and connect with each other, and the value of the company reaches more than $ 500 billion. We are now at a time when the growth of the digital currency market is almost identical to the early days of technology companies. There have been many changes in the world of technology over the years, and these changes will continue. One of the major changes is the existence of many companies and projects that use ICOs to raise capital to advance projects.

BingMag.com Twitter announced the purchase of the Sphere chat app to increase communication between users

Sphere social network is one of them. Social media is a billion dollar industry. The content you produce and your other social media activities generate millions and sometimes billions of dollars in profits for companies like Facebook (which also owns Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The sphere company is the solution to these problems. The company believes that privacy, company transparency and information security should be the core of any social network, and that the revenue generated by social networks should go to users.

Sphere is a decentralized social network that Users are rewarded for their activities. This reward is the internal token of this network, which is known as the SAT or Social Activity Token and can be traded and exchanged as a digital currency in exchange offices. In addition to the possibility of selling this token, it can also be used in the social network sphere. But according to the latest reports, the social network is set to change its approach in the next few months and be fully available to Twitter so that the company can use the special sphere capabilities to connect more users.

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