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TSMC interest in Apple persuades AMD to work with Samsung to produce 3nm chip

BingMag.com TSMC interest in Apple persuades AMD to work with Samsung to produce 3nm chip

It seems that TSMC seems to be shifting all its focus to Apple and forgetting companies like AMD that it has been competing with for years. AMD has decided to work with Samsung to build a 3-nanometer chip. They resort to this company. But it looks like TSMC will lose one of its biggest customers, AMD, next year.

In the PC market, there is tough competition between Intel and AMD, and the two companies They must be able to meet the demand of users. On the other hand, the level of progress compared to the previous generation is also extremely important because users will not use the same processors they have and will not think about upgrading.

AMD is exactly what Taking this issue, he decided to work with a chip company to make his 3-nanometer chips, in the meantime, it seems that the world's largest company, TSMC, does not have enough time to do this at all, because Apple is the company's largest customer. , In fact, has a large share of orders and there is not enough space for a company like AMD.

AMD is getting help from Samsung to produce a 3nm chip instead of TSMC

As we mentioned at the beginning, Samsung, like TSMC, is a chip maker and even made Apple chips for a few years, but after a while, Apple decided to choose Taiwan as the starting point for the beating heart of its products. Samsung is currently working with many companies, the largest of which is AMD. But when we hear the names of Samsung and AMD, we are more concerned with making the graphics chip used in the Exynos 2200 processor that AMD was supposed to make for the Korean company.

Now, however, the story seems to have changed; Not that the partnership between the two companies is over, but on the contrary, another big partnership is taking shape, but this time Samsung has to produce a chip for AMD. The chips are said to change the world of computing because they will be extremely small and therefore low-consumption and cool. The past will increase by 20%. But this price increase for Apple will be only 3%. The result, however, was that among the worst and worst situations in terms of chip shortages, the company that managed to meet all of its users' demand and rarely heard about the negative impact of chip shorts on phones or the company's products in general, Apple Was. The US company has even unveiled two super-powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max chips with 33.7 billion and 57 billion billion transistors, respectively. It so happened that Apple was going to reduce the production of its iPads by up to 50% in order to meet the needs of users and enthusiasts of iPhones, and in fact increase the production of its phones. But TSMC, which has been under intense pressure during Taiwan's successive droughts and the outbreak of Corona, has stepped up its production capacity and worked hard to ensure that Apple does not have to cut production of iPads.

BingMag.com TSMC interest in Apple persuades AMD to work with Samsung to produce 3nm chip

Apple's 53% share of 5nm chips produced in 2021

It is clear that TSMC has a special view of Apple, and it can be seen from the American company's share of the 5-nanometer chip market. This means that companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Nvidia, AMD, Crypto and others could not even reach the market share of Apple in 5G chips, and this is very strange.

Naturally Some TSMC customers are dissatisfied with the company's over-interest in Apple, one of which is AMD. An American company that specializes in the production of CPUs and graphics processors and is well known in the market for this very reason. It seems that AMD intends to cooperate with TSMC as a mufti, both because of the costs and because of the lack of sufficient number of chips, and to enter into a partnership with the company's competitor, Samsung. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Exit TSMC Is it there to take over all of Apple's travels, so that the company can compete with existing companies in the production of 3-nanometer chips, which are supposed to be the next generation of mobile chips? This is exactly what caused AMD to feel threatened and to change its chip company.

AMD is not the only company leaving TSMC. According to rumors, as well as a review of the current situation, it seems that Qualcomm is another company that will probably have to choose between Samsung and TSMC. Of course, to make 3-nanometer chips, because Snapdragon 888 chips are currently being made by Samsung, and apparently Qualcomm will work with Samsung to make Snapdragon 898. Of course, there are rumors that Qualcomm's new processor will be called Snapdragon 8 GN 1. We're not sure about that right now.

The technology that Samsung is going to use to make 4nm chips this year is the Plus version of the same technology that TSMC uses to make similar chips. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. TSMC It is usually TSMC that produces better quality chips than Samsung, but now things may change.

According to Counterpoint, TSMC is ready to produce a 3-nanometer chip in the second half of 2022

As mentioned above, according to the Conuterpoint research institute, Apple has about 53% of the market share of 5-nanometer chips, and naturally should cooperate with TSMC and prefer this company to other chip companies. Qualcomm is next with 24% of the market share. Currently, only two companies are able to produce 5-nanometer chips, one of which is Samsung and the other is TSMC. If Samsung has enough capacity to produce 3-nanometer chips to be able to supply both AMD and Qualcomm, the two companies will certainly not continue to work with TSMC to produce these chips. If that happens then Samsung's chip business is likely to see a significant increase in revenue next year. Become a kind of reality. For example, the problem of chip shortages is a global problem and does not only affect TSMC. It is still unclear exactly how and when companies will be able to produce chips again with the same capacity as before. TSMC, for example, was scheduled to begin production of 3-nanometer chips in the second half of next year, so that Apple could use A16 chips based on 3-nanometer lithography on the iPhone 14 series. Samsung will probably use 3nm chips for the Galaxy S23 series, but it's not clear if this will happen the way we expect it to.

3nm is very complicated and difficult, maybe the company will have to postpone it for another year, and for Apple, this means that the iPhone 14 must be based on chips with 4nm lithography, or the company's chips with the same technology. Produce a current of 5 nanometers. However, a recent Digitimes report shows that TSMC is back to normal and can start producing 3-nanometer chips at the appointed time.

Source: PhoneArena

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