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Trump will soon unveil his new social network called Truth Social

BingMag.com Trump will soon unveil his new social network called Truth Social

According to a press release from one of the companies of former US President Donald Trump, he intends to unveil his new social network called Truth Social, which Its goal, according to the company, is to compete with the big tech companies that have removed it from social media. The Trump Media and Technology Group announced that the social network will start operating in November and is expected to expand further in the first quarter of 2022.

Trump Media and Technology Group also Has announced a partnership with the Digital World Acquisition Group and the establishment of a company in Miami. "I have created my own social network and media and technology group to counter the tyranny of the big tech giants," Trump told the media in a press release. We live in a world where the Taliban are on Twitter, but your favorite president has been excluded from social media. "I'm very excited to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with you on Truth Social soon."

BingMag.com Trump will soon unveil his new social network called Truth Social

Trump's use of Twitter revolutionized politics, allowing him to use social media to sideline his political rivals. But on January 8, two days after a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building in a riot that killed several people, including a congressional police officer, the former US president was banned from Twitter on Twitter. . Twitter said the ban was motivated by violence.

In March, Jason Miller, Trump's top adviser, told Fox News that Donald Trump would return to his social network in two or three months. The former US president launched his official blog in May but closed it a month later. Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebook since the deadly US congressional uprising in January. In addition to Twitter, he sued other platforms for censoring his remarks. For some time now, Trump has been claiming without proof that the big tech giants are keeping quiet about the right, an accusation that these companies have repeatedly denied.

Despite the creation of new social platforms, Trump does not intend to give up Twitter. Earlier this month, the former US president asked a US district attorney to issue an initial order to return his account. His lawsuit against Twitter was pending in court. The former US president has said that Twitter has pressured members of the US Congress to force him. The complaint alleges that Twitter is using its power and control over the country's political discourse to a large extent, which is historically unprecedented and dangerous for opening up democratic debates. Donald Trump has used his Twitter page to announce personnel policy decisions (mostly organizations and individuals involved), criticize political enemies, and disseminate misinformation about election results.

BingMag.com Trump will soon unveil his new social network called Truth Social

Twitter initially deleted the former US president's account for 12 hours after repeated tweets were called election fraud due to repeated and severe civil policy violations. Forbidden. The platform made the ban permanent two days later. Other social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapshot and YouTube, also banned the former US president after the January 6 riots. At the time of the ban, Donald Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter. He claims that Twitter also put a lot of pressure on him during his presidency, and called some of his tweets misleading information, which the platform said violated its rules. Trump argued in court that Twitter allows the Taliban to tweet regularly about their military victories across Afghanistan. Politicians forbid and called on platforms to consistently enforce censorship standards, account changes, and bans. Trump has stated that Twitter has not consistently enforced its standards. The former US president also said that Twitter has applied different rules to posts related to the Covem 19 pandemic. Trump claims that, according to media reports, the reason for the Jan. 6 riots was the public outcry over officials's disregard for the Cowid 19. Pandemic.

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Source: Cnet

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