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Trump sued to get his Twitter account back

The former US president is seeking to lift the ban on his Twitter page. Former US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in Florida, forcing Twitter to restore his account. Banning the platform violates Florida's new social media law.

Former United States President Donald Trump on Friday asked a Florida federal judge to ask Twitter to return his account. The company deleted Trump's account last January because of the "risk of inciting violence." The former US president has announced that Twitter has put pressure on him by forcing members of the US Congress. Trump is seeking to temporarily lift his Twitter account ban in order to try to lift the ruling permanently.

Politics in this country use that Twitter behavior is historically unprecedented and is considered dangerous to open democratic debates. Donald Trump has used his Twitter page to announce personnel policy decisions (mostly organizations and individuals involved), criticize political enemies, and spread misinformation about election results.

Twitter in January, two The day after the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol by pro-Trump supporters in a bid to prevent Joe Biden from winning the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump's Twitter account was permanently shut down. Twitter initially banned the former US president's account for 12 hours for repeatedly violating civil policies after posting tweets called election lies. The platform made the ban permanent two days later. Other social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapshot and YouTube, also banned the former US president after the January 6 riots. In Friday's case, Trump announced that his Twitter account was an important source of news and information about government affairs. At the time of the ban, Donald Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter. He claims that Twitter also put a lot of pressure on him during his presidency, calling some of his tweets misleading information, which the platform says violated its rules. Trump argued in court that Twitter allows the Taliban to tweet regularly about their military victories across Afghanistan. It consciously bans politicians and calls on platforms to consistently enforce standards of censorship, change of account status, and prohibition of individuals. Trump has stated that Twitter has not consistently enforced its standards. Florida Gov. Ron Desentis signed the law in May, but a federal judge blocked it in June before it was enacted. The Desentis government intends to reconsider the ruling.

The former US president also said that Twitter has applied different rules to posts related to the Covid 19 pandemic. Trump claims that according to media reports, the reason for the Jan. 6 riots was the public outcry over the authorities' indifference to the Covend Pandemic.

Source: TheVerge

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