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Trump: Ilan will not buy the Twitter mask for such a "ridiculous" amount

BingMag.com <b>Trump:</b> <b>Ilan</b> will not <b>buy</b> the <b>Twitter</b> <b>mask</b> for <b>such</b> a 'ridiculous' amount

Donald Trump, in his recent speech on the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Musk, said that Tesla's CEO would not buy Twitter for such a ridiculous amount.

Former US President Donald Trump reacted to Ilan Musk's move to buy Twitter on his own social network, Truth Social, which was designed to compete with Twitter. If you remember, some time ago there was a rumor that Twitter had been misrepresenting its number of users for three years in a row. That's why Ilan Musk announced that he would stop the buying process until the exact number of bots and actual users is determined.

But Donald Trump reacted to this on his social network. "It is not possible for Ilan mask to buy Twitter with this ridiculous amount, especially when he realizes that a large part of the social network's audience is bots and spam accounts." Trump, meanwhile, has commented on the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Musk, saying that he himself was sanctioned by this social network and some other major social networks in 2021, due to the uprising that took place in the American capital this year. "Once you get rid of these fraudulent users, what will you have in the end if that is possible?" he continued. nothing? If it weren't for the $ 1 billion fine, Ilan Musk would have long ago forgotten about Twitter. This is just my opinion, but Truth Social is much better than Twitter and has a higher popularity.

BingMag.com <b>Trump:</b> <b>Ilan</b> will not <b>buy</b> the <b>Twitter</b> <b>mask</b> for <b>such</b> a 'ridiculous' amount

Ilan Musk recently said that if he buys Twitter, he will unblock Donald Trump's account. The 45th president of the United States, meanwhile, has shown little interest in returning to Twitter. Especially now that he has his own platform, Truth Social.

Interestingly, Trump wrote on his social network a few days after the news of Twitter's purchase was published: "I'm Back" I am back). The message was posted through Trump's official account, where he did not release any messages from the launch of the Truth Social platform. Corp, which is to be merged with the Trump platform, will be reduced by 5%. Twitter shares also fell 7% after the announcement. This is bad news for the Trump platform, whose shares have risen since the announcement that Twitter was bought by Mask. Ilan Musk's recent tweet about his new decision to stop the process of buying Twitter made Wall Street shareholders wonder if he might want to find a way out of the deal or if he could buy the social network at a lower price. Analysts believe that Ilan Musk wants to re-arrange the deal on different terms, so he will not have to rely on the loan shares of his electric car maker Tesla. Concerns over Mask's acquisition of Twitter have also pushed Tesla shares down 29%. Stirred. Ever since he announced the purchase of Twitter, we have only heard about the sharp downward and upward changes in the stock values of various companies. We hope that in the coming days, a final news about this situation will be published.

  • Ilan Musk intends to quadruple the number of Twitter users by 2028

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