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Travel to the heart of the night sky with this telescopic car

To be honest, most of the concept designs we see in life never become reality. However, some of them are so interesting that you can't just pass them by and Zodiac is no exception.

This vehicle is a little different from what we are used to seeing. Sure, it's a car, it has four wheels, it's electric, and it can take passengers to and from their destinations. But all the similarities with public cars end here, because the Zodiac has an inherent ability to take you up close and directly into the heart of the night sky. He also gave: "Stargazer" (Stargazer). Because its massive central structure is a giant telescope that two people can sit inside and explore the night sky in a completely different way.

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to the <b>heart</b> of the <b>night</b> <b>sky</b> with this <b>telescopic</b> carBingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to the <b>heart</b> of the <b>night</b> <b>sky</b> with this <b>telescopic</b> car

This concept project was created by Hyunsik Moon, a design student who has already produced some interesting work. With the year 2050 in mind, Moon (meaning moon) has simply taken inspiration from his last name and proposed a car that is entirely dedicated to the night sky. What's up, let's take a little imaginary trip and see what we can ride in the year 2050, assuming we've all made it this far and this idea has worked.

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to the <b>heart</b> of the <b>night</b> <b>sky</b> with this <b>telescopic</b> car

Without further ado, let's get inside this space car and see what it has. But how should we access the interior space? Well, believe it or not, there is no classic door that you can use to get on. The only access point that Moon has included in the design is at the front of its massive housing. The lens opens up like the entrance to a submarine and you just climb in and go to the back where the two seats are.

Now all you have to do is sit down and Enjoy the ride. Taking a closer look at Moon's designs, I notice that there are no controls for the driver inside this sky-seeking vehicle, and the entire vehicle is apparently designed to be self-driving. To get the best view without light pollution, the zodiac stops abruptly. You may receive an audio message informing you of constellations and/or planets in tonight's sky. Without warning, the entire lens rotates with you into position to show you the stars from a fresh perspective. It should definitely be a good experience!

BingMag.com <b>Travel</b> to the <b>heart</b> of the <b>night</b> <b>sky</b> with this <b>telescopic</b> car

Imagine a business somewhere in the world that offers night sky tours. Offers. Think about it, for example, pay $50 or more per person and expand your horizons in a completely different way than before. Of course, that can't be achieved today except with a telescope mounted in the bed of a van, but this is the future we're talking about, and things will be different.

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Finally, although this device may never see the color of reality, it cannot be denied that getting in a car and driving out of The city is very inspiring to watch the night sky. Try it yourself. This is a great way to understand the imagination of the designer of this concept.

Photos: Zodiac sky car Concept
Credit: Hyunsik Moon

Source: Auto Evolution

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