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Transition to the world of quantum security

BingMag.com Transition to the world of quantum security

Let's start with a short story, one of the IT managers at fortune Received 500 calls from a Wall Street Journal reporter. The reporter asked what the company thought of announcing the construction of a new quantum computer that could break the RSA and the ECC curve encoder. The manager had no plans in this regard, so he politely replied that he had no idea and then had an emergency meeting with his executive team to find a way to protect the company's data on the cloud and figure out what they could and should do. .

Consider this fictional story, a problem that many teams will face in the not too distant future. There are many reports that China and the United States have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research into quantum computers. Universities and business research centers around the world have reported early progress. According to recently implemented designs, a multifunctional quantum computer capable of breaking RSA and ECC encryption algorithms will be available by 2030.

Common Encryption Techniques

Secure data transfer over the web, whether it is a credit card number or a full backup copy of a large company, It is a three-step process. Initially, the sender and receiver exchange an encryption key through one of several accepted algorithms, such as RSA. In the next step, the sender exchanges the information with the key and encrypts it using a symmetric algorithm such as AES and sends it to the receiver. Finally, the receiving party decrypts the information with the help of the key at its disposal and uses the data. This system has been working properly for over thirty years. So why do we need a new system?

Risks and effects

Quantum Post Algorithms (PQAs)

  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • The following is a brief description of these technologies:

    Quantum Post Algorithms (PQAs)

    This technology includes a number of new algorithms that take into account the known capabilities of computers Quantum designed. The resistance of these algorithms to known quantum attacks has been proven. Because these algorithms run as software, they can be quickly replaced by existing algorithms. PQA is generally faster than RSA but its keys are significantly larger.

    Quantum Key Distribution (QKD):

    QKD is designed based on physics knowledge. This technology allows the switches to switch between two different locations according to the quantum properties of the photons. If someone attempts to intercept the key exchange process, changes in the measured quantum properties will be detected and the key will be discarded. Unlike software-based methods, this method no longer considers the computing power of the enemy and the key will be safe in any case. Of course, the hardware of this technology has caused this system to need special infrastructure and there are limitations in the intervals between switching keys.

    plural The methods described above for maintaining quantum security are a start, and until they are used, threats against encrypted data exist. will have. Creating a new encryption algorithm is not something that can happen overnight. Quantum security working groups have been set up to promote technologies that can protect code against quantum technology, but it remains to be seen what will happen in the future and whether we will be able to protect information.

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