Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

If you are a fan of e-books or are interested in foreign books but cannot find them in the market, there are many websites where you can easily download books. provide you with an electronic one. Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

If you are a fan of e-books or are interested in foreign books but cannot find them in the market, there are many websites where you can easily download books. provide you with an electronic one.

Although paper books have a nostalgic feeling and many people do not exchange the feeling of flipping through paper pages with electronic book readers, tablets or phones, but electronic books also have their own advantages. has the For example, electronic books do not take up physical space, unlike paper books, they are not difficult to carry and have constant access to, and you can keep a large number of them on your phone, tablet or reader.

In addition to The subscription services of companies such as Amazon and Google, there are many websites that provide you with various books completely free of charge, and we will introduce nine of the best ones.

1. Library Genesis Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Library Genesis is a search engine for free access to reading materials, including e-books, articles , magazine, comic book, etc. The archive of this site includes more than 3 million e-books and 60 million articles.

Library Genesis books are grouped into different genres, and since this site is a search engine, you cannot browse the existing archive. And you only need to find the book you want by title or other filters. Also, the simple and old user interface of this site is one of its other negative points.

But its strength is the easy search for titles, authors or synapses. The advanced search feature also allows you to narrow the results based on language and file to find the e-book you want better and faster. , but it is still possible to access it and various books and articles are placed on it. Also, the old version of university books can be searched on this site, which can be a great help to students who face problems in preparing resources.

2. Centsless Books Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Unlike the other sites you see on this list, Centsless Books is a reference for accessing Free Kindle books found on Amazon. The purpose of this website is to make it easier for users to access the latest titles of free e-books on Amazon.

Of course, some of these books are only free if you have a Kindle Unlimited account, but no unlimited subscription. You can also download a lot of different books on Kindle.

3. Project Gutenberg Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Another top free e-book download site is Project Gutenberg, which is run by volunteers. It is crowdfunded and aims to collect quality e-books. A large part of this website's archive consists of general titles, but other titles can also be found there.

At the time of writing, there are more than 60,000 e-book titles in Project Gutenberg. These books can be downloaded in EPUB and MOBI (or both) formats, and you can read them online and in HTML format.

Search by category (hundreds of different categories), the most popular titles (based on the amount of downloads), the latest (based on the upload date on the site) or randomly.

4. ManyBooks Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

This website, which has been running for over a decade, aims to provide a free library. And a discount e-book was launched.

Much of the ManyBooks archive has been sourced from Project Gutenberg over the past decade. But since then, it has developed an independent identity and self-published thousands of titles for free. The books available in EPUB and MOBI formats and of course PDF can be downloaded, and each book is rated based on a 5-star system, which is the advantage of ManyBooks over the Gutenberg project.

5. Feedbooks Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Feedbooks is a large collection of e-books in different categories, including fiction, non-fiction, There are public, copyrighted, free and paid titles. Many of the books on this website are paid, but there is also a large archive of free books that can be found in the category of general titles.

You can also access original free books in different categories of this website. Most of the e-books available on this site can be downloaded in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats, and you will even be informed of the number of words and time required to read them.

6. PDFBooksWorld Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Among the three main electronic book formats (EPUB, MOBI and PDF), these days most people prefer PDF due to the possibility of executing It is more preferred in different gadgets and platforms. If you want to download your books only in PDF format, PDFBooksWorld will be the right choice for you. They are completely free and well optimized for PDF format. Most of the books on this website are classic literary works, such as A Tale of Two Cities, Crime and Punishment, The Great Gatsby, and many other well-known titles.

Also, it is possible to read these works online, which makes PDFBooksWorld Become a reference platform for quotes.

7. Open Library Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Open Library is a reference for easy search and download of e-books for free, all free books It includes what is available on the internet. This library has provided access to more than 1.5 million books for its users!

On the main page of the website, you will come across books that are very popular and may be of interest to you. According to different categories such as children, romantic, historical, fiction, etc., it will be easier for you to find the desired e-book.

This website is open source and anyone can edit the information available for each book. do.

8. Top 9 websites to download free ebooks website provides access to thousands of free e-books in 6 Major categories include fiction, non-fiction, romance, science-fiction, personal development, and business.

To download books on this website, you must first create an account, which fortunately is completely free. After creating an account, you can download 5 books for free every month. In addition to English, this website also has books in other languages in its archive.

9. International Children's Digital Library Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

If you are interested in reading to your child, you can find thousands of suitable e-books at Find this digital library for your children. The international children's digital library will offer you a variety of choices with books graded according to the difficulty of the text and its length. search for the desired works. For easier access to the titles, each book is placed in a specific category. Most of the works of this international library are in English, but works of other languages can also be found in it. We have discussed them, you can use two Iranian platforms, Fidibo and Taqcheh, for easier access to Persian books (and even English in Taqcheh), which, in addition to the possibility of buying books, providing subscriptions and attractive discounts on various occasions, also offer books for free. provide you. Top 9 websites to download free ebooks

Fidibo and Taqcheh in addition to electronic books , they also produce and host various micro-books, magazines and plays, audio books and podcasts that can satisfy your desire to read and learn. Also, Fidibo has marketed e-readers under the Fidibook brand, which are similar to Amazon's Kindle series and provide access to content in the Fidibo archive at a much lower price.

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