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Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

Would you like to be able to troubleshoot and troubleshoot your Android phone?

Your smartphone It consists of many internal components. If one of these components does not work properly, different things will happen. Now you are probably wondering how to accurately diagnose a device problem? This article is very important for those who want to buy a second hand phone. Whatever the problem with your mobile phone, there is an app to help you figure out exactly what the problem is and where it comes from. Also, if you do not have a problem using your phone, it is better to use these applications for a simple checkup. The subject of this article, BingMag, is the introduction of seven programs to investigate the problems of Android phones. So stay tuned for the rest of this article.

These seven top apps for checking Android phone issues are:

1) Phone Check and Test

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

This app is one of the best Android hardware review apps that you can use to check your mobile phone problems. The Phone Check and Test app works somewhat like the CPU-Z desktop app, but also offers you a wide range of mobile hardware review options. It also gives you a complete overview of the hardware specifications of your mobile phone. The things that this app will check on your phone are:

  • Check the memory shortage and make suggestions to fix this problem
  • Check the battery and test the charging socket
  • Check Wi-Fi and radio
  • Audio tests for speakers, microphones, headphone jacks, and volume buttons
  • Screen tests, such as dead pixels and color stability
  • Checking the CPU, memory and data storage of the device

Fortunately, this app is very easy to use. The monitor option gives you an overview of the current state of the phone, including CPU, battery charge, overall health, and current network connections. Next, you have the Guided Test menu, which you can use to perform various tests and examinations on your mobile phone. To do this, scroll down the list and select the tests or tests you want to perform. If you do not have a specific item in mind, select all items to perform a full check on your mobile. You must have at least 30% battery to use this program. When you have completed all the steps and are ready, press the test button so that the device starts checking the items.

Download from Google Play

2) Phone Doctor Plus

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

Using Phone Doctor Plus is like a small trip to the doctor's office. This app helps you perform a series of system hardware checks to make sure all parts of your phone are working properly. The tests between Phone Doctor Plus and Phone Check are relatively similar; With the difference that Phone Doctor Plus offers a better overall experience to the user. The slightest advantage is good user design. We tested this app using a Samsung Galaxy and an older OnePlus phone and all the results were correct and similar. This app has about 30 hardware tests for your Android smartphone, which include:

  • Test all motion sensors
  • Screen tests, including dead pixels and screen responsiveness Touch
  • Test mobile and network internet connection
  • Test various device sensors
  • Test memory, storage and CPU

Download from Google Play

3) Dead Pixels Test and Fix

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

The previous two programs detected dead and burned pixels for you, but were unable to fix them! If Phone Doctor Plus or Phone Check shows you one or two dead pixels, you should go to Dead Pixels Test and Fix. This free program performs a scan similar to other programs for troubleshooting and detects burned (dead) pixels. Some of these pixels are hardware defects and cannot be fixed by any program. However, this program is one of the best in this field.

To work with this program, you must draw enough of all the colors of the program (red, green and blue) on your screen. This program tries to fix minor pixel defects. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour. The developer of this program recommends that if you do not see any improvement within a few hours, close the program completely, because the program may have problems! Then open the program again after a few minutes and repeat the previous steps to solve minor problems with your pixels.

Download from Google Play

4) AccuBattery

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

Battery failure of Android phones is one of the most annoying cases of smartphones. If we think logically, we accept that our cell phone batteries have a certain life. Now, in some cases, the mobile phone battery has problems that can not be easily identified without the help of this program.

For example, sometimes your phone has a 25% charge and turns off a minute later. The simplest reason for this is the end of battery life. The AccuBattery app does not magically fix your battery issues. If your battery is out of date, no app can help it. However, AccuBattery keeps a list of your mobile phone battery health checks to find out where your battery is in its life cycle. This program has useful information such as the current capacity of the battery versus the desired capacity. You will also learn how much your battery wears out with each charge and how much power each application consumes. So be sure to use this program.

Download from Google Play

5) Repair System for Android

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

Repair System for Android is an application with several features such as additional file cleaner, CPU cooler, phone booster, game booster, antivirus and.. Most of these features fix your phone problems, but the two highlights of the program in terms of diagnosing your phone problem, repairing the system and checking its hardware.

Repair System scans your entire system for problems and Fixes problems identified in the mobile system. It also fixes errors related to the file system and RAM. The hardware checker in this program thoroughly examines your phone's main hardware and shows which parts are working properly and which ones need to be repaired. This app is one of the most popular apps on this list.

Download from Google Play

6) Test Your Android

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

As the name implies, the Test Your Android app tests various components of your Android device. The program is divided into several sections such as tools, device information, hardware testing and sensor testing. The tools and information of the device provide you with many useful features and information about the device in question that are of great importance. Hardware testing and sensor testing are all about checking the health of your phone. Check out. Each of these tests will help you diagnose and troubleshoot your phone's hardware problems. You can also test various sensors including light, temperature, pressure, compass and many more. After testing, this program will let you know if the sensor is working properly or not.

Download from Google Play

7) Sensors

BingMag.com Top seven apps for troubleshooting Android phones

Sensors is a toolbox with a versatile diagnostic tool that keeps you up to date on everything related to your mobile device's sensors. This application has the ability to check and troubleshoot most of your mobile sensors. These tests can be seen through figures as well as live charts.

The Sensors app supports almost all the sensors an Android device can have. In addition to the above, the program can also test the battery, date and time, camera (both front and rear) and other hardware components related to your system. With this app, you have a sensor testing lab on your mobile phone.

Download from Google Play


In this article, we tried to find the best apps for Android phone troubleshooting and troubleshooting Let us introduce them to you. These apps show you some of the best free options for doing a free Android phone health check. There are a significant number of apps in the Google Play Store that claim to inspect, repair, and update your Android device. However, we have tried to introduce you to the cases that have passed the exam and people as well as experts are satisfied with them.

Have you ever used your mobile phone problems with such applications? Have you found? Write your experiences in the comments section for us.

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