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Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

Robots have increasingly and tirelessly performed the tasks of opening new and unknown world doors to humans. This allows organizations and companies to save more time to achieve higher productivity.

As technology has changed, robots have become more advanced and independent over time and learn how to do things better. And do it faster than humans.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

But why do different industries use robots on such a large scale? they do? The answer is very simple. The robots' precision, high intelligence and inexhaustible energy make them a great employee for a wide range of jobs from supply chain management to healthcare. But these are common tasks performed by robots. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 applications of robotics in various fields.

1. Public safety and law enforcement

Artificial intelligence and robotics have grown significantly in the areas of safety and public safety. This creates a stronger and more diverse force against potential threats. Law enforcement and operations teams are increasingly relying on robots to monitor and move ahead in dangerous situations. In 2011, the Fukushima nuclear disaster caused Japan to make great strides in this area. For example, bomb-clearing robots are designed to assess threats, including a large number of sensors and remote monitoring devices. Similarly, these robots can perform routing in emergencies such as the collapse of a building after an earthquake or the burning of a structure.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

2. Welding with Robots

Welders, like surgeons, must do their job with great care and finesse. Maintaining motion stability without distraction alone is difficult, and with heavy welding tools in addition to the use of safety equipment, it becomes a challenge of endurance and accuracy. As a result, welding is one of the jobs that will face labor shortages in the future. Fortunately, welding is one of the areas that has been able to take advantage of robotics not only in factories but also abroad. So if you see a lot of welding robots in car factories, it is not surprising. The investment of two reputable companies, Universal Robots and ARC Specialties, led to the design of two models of welding robots, one of which is called SnapWeld. Welding robots perform with great precision and can weld more complex shapes at higher speeds. Robots used to build, time, and repair stairs and other structures must be portable. It is also very important to control and observe the safety of these robots in open environments.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

3. Agriculture

Agricultural equipment has become very advanced in recent years. They automatically route, perform the planting process, kill weeds, and finally harvest the crop. The use of live milking machines is one of the first applications of robotics in the dairy industry. Robots also have tasks such as controlling weeds, feeding plants, monitoring pollution, and even planting new crops. One of the most widely used robots for transporting fruits from the garden. Robots, drones and deep learning help farmers get the most out of their farmland. Tom's small robot, for example, uses a combination of GPS, artificial intelligence and mobile technology for safe navigation and digital earth mapping. Despite the lightweight wheels designed with a 3D printer, this robot will not compact the ground like a tractor. Developers of robots and UAVs need to understand and analyze Big Data for agriculture.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

4. Construction environments

The presence of robots in construction environments and real estate development industries is made possible thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and 3D printing. The Australian-based Fastbrick Robotics robot can build brick houses four times faster than humans. This machine makes bricks with the precision of a human worker. In addition to structural demolition, the use of prefabricated and modular components, transportation, mapping and infrastructure inspection are other applications of robots in construction environments. Developers try to synchronize robots with other devices, such as drones. This will increase their usability. Imagine, for example, a drone that can carry the necessary materials, or even better, those that can build complete and solid architectural structures. However, there are still many challenges to producing capable, reliable and accurate software and hardware for construction. This is just one of the reasons why there are so few robots in this area. The use of 3D printing technology can be profitable, but to create usable structures, new materials that have reached industrial production must be used.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

5. Operating room

Surgeons need fixed arms to perform delicate movements. The slightest extra movement on their part can lead to cut arteries or tissue damage and even rupture of limbs. There is currently no fully independent robot surgeon. But systems have been developed to enhance human ability. Some practical examples of robotics can be found in ophthalmology, cardiology. Telemedicine is a virtual reality product that can be used to treat mental illness, heart failure, and robotic surgery. Recent trends, with the integration of new technologies with advanced software, have significantly increased the degree of accuracy. For example, programmers must not only consider the robotic aspect of the issue, but also develop tools that can do their job without delay or distraction.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

6. Military Weapons

Among all the applications of robotics, military robotics are a bit unusual. Of course, all of the above can help military personnel. In addition to garbage disposal systems and drones, the Armed Forces around the world are interested in portable surgical systems, the rapid construction of structures. Aside from future robotic troop programs, some applications are entirely dedicated to the military. Earlier, the British Army conducted several tests on the mobile weapons platform, unmanned systems and assistive technologies. Both the United Kingdom and the United States seek cooperation, coordination, and independence across multiple systems. DOGO is another weapon equipped with a weapon called the Glock, which uses a camera for remote detection. Many military robots need sensors to send important information simultaneously, with a clear user interface, active and secure communications, and a specific chain of command for arranging weapons alongside manpower.

BingMag.com Top 6 robotic applications that will surprise you

Although each of these robots has a unique function, but the goals, the components And there are common technologies that programmers need to keep in mind. For example, whether in surgery, welding, or construction, robots can free humans from cognitive or physical limitations by increasing accuracy and reliability.


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