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Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

In this article, we will introduce the top 6 Android applications that will help you delete extra and unnecessary files and information from the phone's internal memory.

If you are one of those people who are constantly bothered by the internal memory of your phone, it is recommended that you read this article to the end before taking any action, because we are going to introduce 6 applications. This is a great application that really clears the phone's internal memory and can save you from this really annoying problem.

Factory settings return while this solution, while effective, is temporary and time consuming. The applications that we will introduce below to clear the internal memory of the phone are not supposed to save you from this message permanently, but they are definitely more effective than processes such as returning to factory settings because nothing is deleted from the phone except extra files./p>

Many may not be able to trust the phone's internal memory cleanup applications because most of these applications only take up a lot of memory and do not do their job well. But what we introduce below definitely have excellent performance and there is no need to worry about their quality at all.

1. Google Files app

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

Google's official file management app called File is one of the best and The most secure applications for clearing the phone's internal memory are considered to be first a great file management program and then an internal memory cleaning application. To be able to delete files from the system, all you have to do is touch the Clean option at the bottom of the application.

However, after tapping this option, you will encounter a lot of empty spaces, including junk files. Duplicate files, backed up images, and unused applications. In the meantime, you need to see which ones take up the most space on your system and then delete them.

To find extras on your phone, you can tap Browse, strong> Manually find what you need but it is recommended to let the application decide for itself what should be removed because it does this very well.

Many applications that have a similar function in this area, These include the following: They may work well in clearing the internal memory, but they also do a number of additional tasks, such as optimizing RAM, that you may not need. Files, however, is a great tool for clearing the phone's internal storage, and there are no confusing extras; Files does exactly what is expected of it in the simplest way possible.

Download the Files app

2. Droid Optimizer

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

Droid Optimizer can be boldly considered one of the best applications in the field of cleaning There is internal memory of Android phones. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times in the Google Play Store, so it can not be considered as a normal application at all.

One of the advantages of this application is its very simple user interface, which works especially for Beginners make it easy. You can see this well in the picture above. If you are fluent in English, you can learn how to use it with the help of the explanations that are displayed at the beginning of this application.

To start your work, it is enough just Touch an option to clear what the app needs to delete from the phone. You can also see the status of the phone at the top of the screen while doing this. The interesting thing is that the application gives you points for keeping the phone clean. In addition, you can see options such as clearing RAM, which is also a useful tool.

But if you are one of those users who forget to clear the internal memory of your phone, this application is a feature It is attractive and it allows you to set this process automatically. In case of need, the application itself decides when to clear the application cache, prevent applications from running in the background, delete unnecessary files, and there is a good night scheduler section in the application that It also saves energy and does this by disabling features such as Wi-Fi when the phone is not in use. Sometimes it can really be needed. This app may not be the best of its kind in terms of clearing internal memory, but if you are really looking for one of the most well-equipped and attractive apps, Droid Optimizer can definitely meet your needs.

Download Droid Optimizer

3. CCleaner

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

One of the most popular applications that even a desktop version is available is called CCleaner has it. An app that, of course, is no longer very useful for Windows because since Avast bought it, we have not seen so much amazing performance that we want to make it necessary for Windows.

But for Android and Android phones, CCleaner It is still one of the most popular and has a lot of fans. Of course, this application is not the best of its kind, but it can definitely meet your needs.

CCleaner is a versatile application for Android that first examines the memory and then deletes additional files in it. The main use of CCleaner is that it can clear applications' cache, empty folders, and histories. Clear simultaneously. Finally, we should mention the System Info option, which monitors your system resources such as RAM, CPU, and , and you can quickly check their status.

Using CCleaner is completely free, and not at all. You will not need to root the phone. Of course, for a small fee, you can upgrade to the Pro version and have a number of additional features that are not needed. However, in the free version, CCleaner may not be all that great, but it is a good option for clearing the phone's internal storage.

Download the CCleaner app

4. All-in-One Toolbox

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

Clear the phone's internal storage of items you do not need It is one of the features of this application, but besides it, you can also see the battery status, CPU temperature and many other things. All of these features are available in the popular and powerful All-in-One Toolbox app.

This app can delete extra files from the phone, clear cache, folders or files without Remove use and many more. All this is done by just touching one option to check the status and then touching another option to clear the extras. The process of doing this is very similar to the process of deleting extra files in other applications and you will not see anything new.

This application has an option called Boost that clears the cache and background applications Closes. This is also done without complexity and very simple. Of course, there is a Boost + option that allows you to do all this automatically. Of course, in order to take advantage of this option, you must make in-app purchases. If the phone is not charging, the Battery Saver option can freeze all background activity to save energy.

There is also the ability to delete applications all at once in the All-in-One Toolbox, which It works more practically than we thought. There are other features such as advanced file deletion tools, WiFi status check and. In this application. As the name implies, the All-in-One Toolbox has all the good features of an unnecessary file removal application.

Download the All-in-One Toolbox

5. SD Maid

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

SD Maid is another application for deleting unnecessary files or programs in Your Android phone is available. Working with this application is very simple. When you open the app, you are presented with four options that you can use to improve the internal memory of the phone.

The first option is called CorpseFinder, which if you select it, look for folders or files left over from Detects deleted applications or the like and deletes them. SystemCleaner is another option that does the same thing but looks for files that the app itself finds suitable for deleting.

AppCleaner is the third option that does exactly the same thing with apps. However, to use this feature, you must upgrade to the Pro SD Maid version. The final option is called Databases, which optimizes the database of each running and used application. For example, under test conditions, the app deleted 40 MB of Spotify database.

The user can also manually search for unnecessary files in the phone and delete them if not needed. You will also have the option to delete the batch of applications. Therefore, SD Maid can be described as a complete and comprehensive application.

Download SD Maid application

6. Norton Clean

BingMag.com Top 6 Android apps to clear the phone's internal memory

Apart from CCleaner purchased by Avast, none of the listed applications Above are not offered by a security company. But the search for an app to clear the phone's internal storage could not be completed without seeing the Norton Clean name. Another application provided by a security company.

Norton claims that this application can delete all the junk and unnecessary files from your phone. Just like the other apps above, Norton Clean initially looks for cache, unnecessary files, and the like to clear them. In addition, there is a section called Manage Apps in this application that shows you all your applications in a list with the order of the last time of use, installation time and the amount of space occupied by them.

It is very easy to work with this application for clearing the phone memory compared to other applications. In general, this application is known for having a clean interface, free from complexity and at the same time modern and attractive. Because you have everything you need and you are only one or two clicks away from achieving what you want. That means you don't have to be a professional user to discover it.

Norton Clean may not be an attractive app in terms of its versatility, but if you need a good app to delete unnecessary files, Definitely this application can meet your needs in the best possible way. Of course, you also have to tolerate ads from other Norton apps. On the plus side, there are no in-app purchases or subscription fees, all features are available for free.

Download the Norton Clean app


Many Applications that include CCleaner in this list take advantage of features such as RAM boosting that free up RAM space. But sometimes this feature, instead of having a positive effect, can do the exact opposite of what you expect and damage the device. If it is full, they will not have any problem. In fact, Android deliberately does this to make the phone perform better. This operating system is smart enough to optimize RAM for running applications.

What if we disrupt this process using applications such as CCleaner? If you use the Ram Boost feature of third-party apps, you are actually putting pressure on the phone to do what it could easily do this time with more effort. Eventually the phone slows down, especially when you want to close applications running in the background.

Many new Android phones are also very sensitive to energy consumption, even if this does not happen and consumption If the power is too high, the phone itself will warn you about this and then you can follow the instructions in the phone itself to prevent the app from consuming too much battery and you will no longer need third-party apps. p>

The phone memory wipe app should be used primarily to delete unnecessary files or items that we are not aware of, and nothing else. Of course, new phones that often have more than 6 GB of RAM may no longer use such applications, especially now that Android is much more efficient in consuming system resources than before, but if you use these applications, be sure to manually What you need to remove from your phone.

Permanently wiping the internal storage of your current Android phone is also essential, but if you are using older phones, you can use these apps to further your needs.


Source: MakeUseOf

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