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Tips on the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro were found in iOS 16

BingMag.com <b>Tips</b> on the <b>always-on</b> <b>display</b> of the <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Pro</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in <b>iOS</b> 16

Before the start of Apple's WWDC 2022 Global Developers Conference, Mark Gorman, a well-known Bloomberg News reporter, said he expected the new iOS 16 operating system to feature The always-on display supports the iPhone 14 Pro. In this regard, hints about the always-on display capability of the iPhone 14 Pro models are now found in the new iOS 16 operating system code, which keeps users hopeful of supporting this feature.

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According to a report published by the 9To5mac website, to point out the support for the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display feature in iOS 16 There are several references. First of all, we have to mention three new frameworks related to backlight management, which is an essential part of the always-on display performance. It should be noted that these frameworks refer to the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro and are used by the lock screen. It should be noted that these clues are not related to the ability to always turn on the Apple Watch.

BingMag.com <b>Tips</b> on the <b>always-on</b> <b>display</b> of the <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Pro</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in <b>iOS</b> 16

This site says that the signs There's also a secret in iOS 16 that allows Apple engineers to use the always-on display feature for experimental purposes. The display capability has always been available to Apple Watch users since its entry into the world of technology and has apparently become very popular among users. In fact, it allows users to see the time and other key information on their phone without having to turn on the screen.

Gorman has previously said: It will support the always-on display feature previously rumored for the iPhone 13 series. This feature will allow the iPhone to keep its screen refresh rate to a minimum and only inform users of important and necessary information on the screen. "You said that this feature will only be available this year for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Promex models." Allows the phone display to turn the pixels on or off when needed, thus saving energy and battery power. The 13 Pro and Promex iPhones use variable rate refresh from 10 Hz to 120 Hz. Such a variable refresh rate is different from the refresh rate of LPTO panels used by other technology companies such as Samsung and Oppo. In the case of Samsung and Oppo LPTO panels, if the display is disabled, this rate will reach 1 Hz, but in Apple promotion screens, it varies between 10 and 120 Hz.

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10Hz) to provide the ability of the always-on display without having a profound effect on the battery life of iPhone users. Ross Young, a well-known display analyst, also predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro series models will be equipped with promotional displays with a refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120 Hz. Depending on how Apple decides to use these displays, such technology could extend battery life or enable the always-on display for users of these phones.

BingMag.com <b>Tips</b> on the <b>always-on</b> <b>display</b> of the <b>iPhone</b> 14 <b>Pro</b> <b>were</b> <b>found</b> in <b>iOS</b> 16

Apart from this category, and based on the latest information released, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a display on the front panel that hosts a capsule-shaped cavity next to a circular cavity. And these holes are probably where the selfie camera and Facebook ID sensors are located. Earlier, Apple analyst Mr. Koo mentioned the prominence of the iPhone 14 Pro models in his report. He considers the main reason for increasing the thickness of the camera module to be the use of the new camera. In recent years, all iPhone models have been offered with a 12-megapixel main camera. But now, after years of waiting, Apple has decided to use the 48-megapixel main camera for the iPhone 14 Pro models.

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Source: Macrumors

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