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Tim Cook's interesting conversations with Apple employees after winning the lawsuit against Epigames

BingMag.com Tim Cook's interesting conversations with Apple employees after winning the lawsuit against Epigames

Tim Cook, who is the current CEO of Apple, is very pleased with the court ruling against Epigames. Apple Corps CEO Tim Cook has filed a lawsuit against Apple Corp.'s CEO, Tim Cook, following a court ruling in the anti-monopoly case between Apple and Apple Corps. "Apple needs to move forward and keep moving forward," he said. In his all-encompassing meeting with his staff, Cook reaffirmed the company's legal victories by reaffirming the policies that Apple had publicly pursued in this case, and downplayed its losses in claiming unfair competition. p>

If you look back and remember what the App Store was like, you see that this store was supposed to be a reliable and secure platform for users to access the world of apps. The goal was to create a great opportunity for developers.

He went on to say:

Epigames, however, wanted to be treated in a special way. At the same time, the law persuades us to treat everyone equally. But they repeatedly asked us to treat them differently from what we did to others. When faced with a negative response, they sued us in 10 different cases. The court ruled in favor of our company (Apple) in nine of the 10 plaintiffs' cases, and in one case it upheld Epigames. Most importantly, they declared that Apple was not a monopoly company that we had always known. Apple is now in a highly competitive market.

  • Tim Cook receives $ 740 million as the last reward from Apple for a 10-year contract

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Last year, before suing Apple, he asked the company to allow his company to include alternative payment methods in the iOS version of Fortnite. However, Sweeney said that Epic hopes that Apple will make these options available to all iOS developers equally.

Contrary to Cook's assertion that "we treat everyone equally," Apple In the past, he treated a number of developers in a special way. Apple, for example, offered Netflix a special contract that would give Apple only a 15 percent tax on in-app sales, and if Netflix continued to support in-app purchases, the US company would offer special concessions. He was commenting. The company also removes categories of apps that can refuse or bypass commissions from the store, and blocks apps that it's apparently unable to compete with, or does not make them available in the store at all. p>

However, Tim Cook is right when he believes that Apple does not have a monopoly on digital gaming transactions. The company successfully blocked Apicogames' requests to open iOS on third-party stores or side-by-side apps (download them from other sources and install them on the phone), and the Supreme Court ruled that Apple's work in convening the Digital Commodities Commission was perfectly legal and convincing. As mentioned, Apple lost to Epicgames in one of these cases, but has not yet announced whether it wants to appeal. The case is also related to an Apple policy that prohibits developers from informing users of alternative payment options. Such a policy violates California's Unfair Competition Act, and it was natural for Apple to lose. But Apple was given the opportunity to change its policy in December this year. But Epicages announced plans to appeal all nine cases in which it lost.

But like Apple spokespersons who have publicly commented, Cook said Hadd not worry about that.

I think this sentence was good and right to put an end to a series of misconceptions about the Appostor. As for the case in which we lost, one or two sentences have been omitted from the provisions of the agreement, and in fact we have seen a summary version of it.

Source: The Verge

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