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This week, SpaceX is carrying out the first completely private space mission in history

SpaceX Ilan Musk plans to take another bold historic step this week, taking four private passengers who are not professional astronauts by capsule. The Dragon manned spacecraft, aboard the Falcon 9 SpaceX, will mark the first all-urban space mission in history. Inspiration 4 is the name of a mission that is supposed to be a historic step for humanity Be space travel. For the first time in history, the mission will be carried out entirely by the private sector, with no involvement of state-owned companies or military institutions. The four crew members are unprofessional astronauts working in everything from medicine to payment systems.

After six months of training together, billionaire entrepreneur and founder Jared Isaacman Wealthy Shift4 Payments with Earth scientist Sian Proctor, Medical Assistant Haley Arceneaux, and Chris Sembroski, data engineer and aerospace expert They are in the final days of preparing for the launch. But like Jeff Bezos, he has always dreamed of space. He has participated in several air shows and acquired the pilot training company Draken International. He has also flown approximately 6,000 hours on various aircraft, and he says these different flight experiences have been beneficial to his possible space flight because he has encountered emergencies during these flights.

BingMag.com This week, SpaceX is carrying out the first completely private space mission in history

Jared Isaacman
Credit: SpaceX

He spoke about the mission "Due to busy schedules, we have not even had the opportunity to think about all aspects of these milestones in life. "We are now waiting for the next few days for a historic moment, and we are confident that the hardware, software and the hard-working SpaceX team will support us in this." The fight against cancer is dedicated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In addition, he himself has donated $ 100 million directly to this hospital. In addition to the seat assigned to him, three other seats on the flight have been named "Hope", "Prosperity" and "Generosity" for inspiration on this route.

Cyane Proctor

Cyane Procter, 51, is a professor of earth science at Phoenix South Mountain Community College in Arizona and will be the first person from Guam to go into space. He has also completed four space simulation missions. Among them is the all-female Sensoria Mars 2020 mission to the Hawaii Simulated Habitat for Exploration (HI-SEAS). Being in a MiG-29 fighter made his childhood dream of piloting an F-16 come true.

"I loved the experience," he added. I had to control it and do a few maneuvers with it, which was great. I am the pilot of Cessna-172 aircraft. So going from a propeller plane to the MiG-29 was a big leap, and going from the MiG-29 to the Falcon 9 missile is definitely a bigger step.

BingMag.com This week, SpaceX is carrying out the first completely private space mission in history

Cian Practor The flight, the way they are taught in the midst of an epidemic, his love of painting and art, and his life experience as a geologist, artist, and the connection that is made between these fields are very important.

Performed by Shift 4 Payments, he was selected to sit on the "Blossom" chair. In addition to participating in the mission, Procter plans to use the art postcards, published by her company Space2Inspire, to raise awareness and discourse about the presence of women of color in the space industry.

Haley Arseno

On the first full-time space mission in history, 29-year-old Haley Arseno, an assistant physician at St. Jude Research Hospital, will sit in the spacecraft's "Hope" seat and will be the mission's medical officer. She was selected for the trip by St. Jude Children's Cancer Hospital. According to him, in order to go on this trip, while consulting with his family, some of whom are aerospace engineers, he has also obtained his mother's approval.

BingMag.com This week, SpaceX is carrying out the first completely private space mission in history

Haley Arseno
Credit: Inspiration4

He, who lives with a prosthesis because most of his femurs have been removed, never imagined such an opportunity, given the needs of professional astronauts. Chris Sambrowski The data engineer, a former US space camp consultant and proSpace volunteer who is a volunteer group to promote the business plans of companies like SpaceX, sits on the space flight's "generosity" chair. Sambrowski also served in the US Air Force and is currently based in Lockheed Martin. For this mission, in fact, one of his friends in the campaign to help St. Jude Hospital won the chair and then gave him this historic opportunity.

BingMag.com This week, SpaceX is carrying out the first completely private space mission in history

Chris Sambrowski
Credit: Inspiration4

He said of the trip:" I totally I'm proud to be part of the first completely civilian mission in space. Joining the Inspiration 4 crew to support St. Jude is a dream come true, and many people have put their time and talent into supporting it. "I hope this flight will motivate others and be a prelude to encouraging children to dream the impossible and usher in a new era of space exploration for all." Has figured a lot in the space industry. Last year, for example, it successfully completed the first manned private mission to the International Space Station under the guidance of NASA astronauts.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida will launch. The launch is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 15 at 20:00 Eastern Time Zone (04:30 on Thursday, September 25, Tehran time). They will go and during a few days in orbit, they will be able to use the Earth's glass dome to watch the infinite space and space directly.

Cover Photo: The crew of the first fully-fledged space mission Private Date When Zero Gravity Test

Credit: Inspiration4/John Kraus

Source: Space

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