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This is what the iPhone's face recognition sensor sees when the phone is unlocked

The iPhone's face recognition sensor is very fast, accurate and powerful. But you were not asked what exactly this sensor sees when the screen is unlocked? In this article, you can see the video of the sensor that sees this sensor when it is unlocked. The iPhone, which operates as part of their face recognition system, is a TrueDepth and is dedicated to recognizing people's faces. Of course, in practice we can never understand what this sensor does, and that is the beauty of using technology in our lives.

But one user who was eager to see how technology works decided what The face recognition system of iPhones sees when the screen is unlocked and also shares how to find people's faces in the form of a video with users. If you are an iPhone user, this is the closest you can get to how the sensor works, which you put your face in front of over and over again every day. The video below is of the scene that the face recognition sensor sees when the screen reopens.

Of course, in this post that this user shared, there is also a video of what the LiDAR sensor uses on the back panel. But using that sensor is another matter. So in recognizing people's faces, the depth sensor definitely has a more accurate function. Of course, LiDAR, as one of its applications, is responsible for collecting data related to an image and as a result has a higher image resolution, but in terms of accuracy, it is lower than the system on the front panel of iPhones and inside the large notch on the screen. Embedded. This person created the videos with the help of Night Vision LIDAR application, which even shows the difference between LiDAR sensor and depth measurement for users.

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As you can see in the video above, what the LiDAR sensor captures is more detailed, which is why Apple is augmenting it for reality purposes, such as mapping a space like a room. Cited. On the other hand, the TrueDepth sensor used to detect faces is more accurate because it has to hold the phone. That's why Apple uses it to accurately identify people's faces, and these days it has equipped it with a feature that can identify users' faces even with a mask, even by examining their two eyes, and unlock the phone.

You can also see what this user saw by downloading the app, but it costs $ 1 on the App Store. when you can watch the video you are going to watch for free in this article, so it does not make much sense to try to install this application. However, the applications of Night Vision LIDAR are not necessarily limited to the above.

Source: Wccftech

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