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This application is 92% accurate in diagnosing coronary heart disease

BingMag.com This <b>application</b> is <b>92%</b> <b>accurate</b> in <b>diagnosing</b> <b>coronary</b> <b>heart</b> disease

It looks like there's going to be an app called ResApp that has 92% accuracy in diagnosing coronary heart disease; This means that it is more accurate than tests performed to diagnose the virus.

Although the coronavirus is less deadly these days, it does not mean that medical care should be discontinued and, like the days Behaved normally. The virus is now with us and has become an integral part of our lives so we must continue to be careful not to get it. Now the question that arises is that if we have this disease, how can we determine very quickly and without the need to go to medical clinics for various tests, do we have coronary or the cause of our disease is a simple cold?

Imagine all you have to do to diagnose your disease is open your phone and run an app. This app also tells you whether or not you have a coronary artery by carefully examining and analyzing the type of cough when you cough. According to the Daily Mail of England, this application exists and its name is ResApp. The developers of this application have used machine learning algorithms in order to increase its detection accuracy, which makes it 92% accurate in corona detection. This means that when your test is negative or positive at home, you can be 92% sure that it looks great.

This app is used to diagnose 741 American and Indian patients. And was able to identify 446 people who actually had coronary heart disease. Before using the application to diagnose their disease, these people also filled out a series of forms in which they wrote the symptoms and details of their disease. The app was also able to identify 92% of those who were really sick. Now, whether he mistakenly considered the remaining 8% with the disease or was unable to detect the disease is a matter that has not been precisely explained.

ResApp capabilities are not limited to these. This application is able to distinguish coughs that are a sign of coronary heart disease from coughs caused by respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia and chest infections. More than 1,007 people with non-coronary heart disease also used the app to diagnose their condition, which ResApp found 90% of the time.

BingMag.com This <b>application</b> is <b>92%</b> <b>accurate</b> in <b>diagnosing</b> <b>coronary</b> <b>heart</b> disease

These results are truly extraordinary, especially when the coronary heart disease tests are around 72% for people with symptoms and for people without symptoms. , Approximately 558% accurate. With this level of accuracy as well as ease of use, many users will prefer it to current methods of diagnosing the disease. The developers of ResApp say that this application is especially useful when people need to take frequent tests, such as football players (or any sport), people in the field of entertainment and medical care, travel and </.>

Professor Catherine Bennett A member of the scientific advisory board of the ResApp app said that with the rapid spread of the corona, the app could help users prevent the spread of the disease early and eliminate the need for various tests. In particular, these tests, also known as PCR tests, are hazardous to the environment. However, they can soon take precautionary measures for their treatment. He added that ease and no restrictions on testing make ResApp one of the most popular and trusted applications in the field.

Such apps can be really great and helpful. Of course, this application has not been officially released yet, but it seems that the development team is going to hold meetings with the Ministry of Health and companies active in the field of technology, and during these meetings, ask them to release the mentioned application for mobile phones as soon as possible.

ResApp is one of the few applications that has attracted the positive feedback of Pfizer, one of the largest drug companies in the world, as well as one of the first companies to produce the highly effective Corona vaccine. Last week, Pfizer announced that it was ready to buy ResApp for $ 0.115 per share, or $ 74.3 million (in cash). Tony Keating, CEO of ResApp, commented on Pfizer eager to buy the app: "The fact that a company like Pfizer, which is extremely professional in what it does, offers to buy ResApp shows how Size trusts us and our team.

Since the World Health Organization continues to take the corona risk seriously, we can say that such an application still exists in Our lives are essential, but we can not deny that ResApp as an application with this application should have been developed much earlier. It should be noted that ResApp is not officially available yet and we will have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think about ResApp? Can you convince yourself to trust the negative or positive result of your corona test by coughing at the phone?

Source: PhoneArena

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