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This 717 gigapixel photo is the highest quality photo taken from a work of art

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

The National Museum of Amsterdam has published an interactive photo of Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch" with a stunning 717 gigapixel resolution. The museum claims that this is the highest resolution image ever taken of a work of art.

As part of Operation Night Watch, the largest and most comprehensive study of the masterpiece. "Rembrandt" means "Night Patrol" or "The Night Watch". The goal of this program, which started in 2019, is to optimally preserve this painting for the future. Last year, the team used artificial intelligence to reconstruct parts of a painting that had been destroyed in the past due to multiple attacks on the painting.

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

highest resolution photo of works of art

According to the National Museum of Amsterdam or the" Rijksmuseum ", with a resolution of 717 gigapixels and 717 billion pixels, the distance between Two pixels in a photo are only 5 micrometers (0.005 mm), which means that the size of each pixel in this photo is smaller than a human red blood cell.

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

The museum used a 100-megapixel Hasselblad H6D-400MS camera to take 8439 individual photographs, each measuring 5.5 cm. They are at 4.1 cm. The images were then joined together using artificial intelligence to form the final image. The final file size of this giant image is 5.6 terabytes.

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

Single shots with depth of field They were 125 micrometers (1.8 millimeters). The Ricks Museum explained that to ensure that each photo was in focus, the surface of the painting was first adjusted using a laser scan and camera before taking the photo. Immediately after each photo was taken, a neural network checked the color and sharpness of the image.

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

According to the museum, the new image is It is clear that neural networks can now examine the painting very quickly in terms of the similarity of the pigment particles or the mapping of all the lead soaps used in it, which was not possible with the previous image.

BingMag.com This <b>717</b> <b>gigapixel</b> <b>photo</b> is the <b>highest</b> <b>quality</b> <b>photo</b> <b>taken</b> <b>from</b> a <b>work</b> of art

According to the Ricks Museum, the second phase of the project will begin on January 19 (January 29), during which the team will use the information now thanks to the high-resolution photo. The new one is available and will continue its reconstruction work on the painting.

A fully browsable, high-resolution image can be found on the Ricks Museum website. text-align: right; "> Convert selfies to classic paintings using artificial intelligence

Photos: Excerpts from the 717-gigapixel photo of Rembrandt's night patrol painting
Credit: Rijksmuseum/p>

Source: Peta Pixel

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