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5 things we would like to see in Xiaomi 2022 phones

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

2021 was a great year for Xiaomi. The company continued to grow this year, with Xiaomi launching its first clamshell phone. Sales of Xiaomi smartphones in 2021 increased so much that for a while it managed to overtake Samsung and become the largest manufacturer of smartphones. However, problems with the chip shortage also plagued Xiaomi, and production of the company's handsets fell sharply. Here are the 5 expected features of Xiaomi phones in 2022.

1. Update Update

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

In 2021, Xiaomi announced that the 11T series handsets Three years of main update and 4 years of security update will benefit. This means that most Xiaomi phones still do not have much to say about updates. That's why we hope that Xiaomi will do the same, like Samsung, which has committed to offering three major versions of Android for many of its handsets.

2. Folding handsets in global markets

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

Samsung is the only company to offer its own foldable handsets Widely distributed to users living in different countries. Companies such as Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi have only launched their phones in the Chinese market. According to reports, Xiaomi will unveil at least one new clamshell phone in 2022, and if the company wants to reduce its distance from Samsung, it must launch this clamshell phone in various markets.

3. Improving stability and troubleshooting MIUI

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

Although MIUI's user interface has improved significantly over the past few years, it now offers a different experience on different Xiaomi handsets. It is quite clear that in 2022, Xiaomi should pay more attention to the software of its phones. Fortunately, there is good news in this area, and in mid-2021, for example, it was announced that Xiaomi had formed a team to review MIUI feedback and address issues.

4. Entering the US Market

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

Xiaomi has been trying to enter the US market for years, but still Could not do that. However, some of the gadgets made by this company have gained a lot of popularity in the American market. In this regard, there are two important obstacles facing Xiaomi; The first obstacle is the satisfaction of telecom operators and the second obstacle is security concerns. Late in his administration, Donald Trump imposed restrictions on Xiaomi, which the company succeeded in lifting. But if Xiaomi wants to enter the market, some officials will put pressure on Xiaomi again. However, we should mention the OnePlus and TCL companies, whose handsets are sold in the US market without any problems and have gained considerable popularity.

5. Increase supply in different markets

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>would</b> <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>2022</b> phones

Global chip shortage in 2021 for different companies It caused a lot of problems and this limitation caused a lot of problems for Xiaomi. For example, we can mention the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which is hard to find in many markets. On the other hand, we can not ignore the cessation of production of the Redmi Note 10 in Indonesia, which apparently also goes back to the lack of chips. So we hope Xiaomi can do better in this area in 2022 so that it does not have problems responding to user demand.

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