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5 things we like to see in 2022 smartwatches

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

2021 has been a good year for smartwatches in many ways. This year, Google and Samsung jointly developed a new version of the WearOS platform, including Coros, which introduced a 60-day clock without using sunlight. Despite all these improvements, smartwatches still have a lot of problems, and here are five key features that we hope to see in 2022 smartwatches.

1. Significant increase in battery life

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

Despite all the improvements, a large number smartwatches still do not have much to say about battery life. Some popular smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4, last about 1 day if used normally. However, such watches should offer much longer battery life.

To recap, the first generation Apple Watch was introduced about 7 years ago with an 18-hour battery life. Seven years later, the seventh generation Apple Watch still offers the same 18-hour battery life. Although the performance of this smartwatch has improved significantly over the years and its charging speed has also increased, it is not at all acceptable for smartwatches as a whole's one-day battery life.

Among the companies that watch Smart build They have very good battery life, we can mention Garmin, Huawei, Coros, Xiaomi and Fitbit. Simply put, watches based on WatchOS and WearOS operating systems have nothing to say about battery life, but watches that use proprietary operating systems usually offer much longer battery life. But these platforms sacrifice a lot of features to increase battery life. All in all, Apple and Google should significantly increase the battery life of their smartwatches in 2022 by paying more attention to their software platform.

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2. Pay more attention to the interface applications between the phone and the smartwatch

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

each of the smartwatches They take advantage of various features that you need to use to install the application provided for the watch on your phone. However, some companies do not pay much attention to these applications. Although some watches offer useful and advanced applications, but on the other hand, some of these applications do not have an attractive user interface at all and some important information is provided in an incomprehensible way.

Many users want Share some information received from your smartwatch with other services. Huawei and Xiaomi smartwatch apps have the worst performance in this regard, which has been protested by users. For example, if you are looking for access to information recorded by the Huawei Watch GT3, you can hardly extract useful information in the Huawei Health app.

Although in these apps some information is useful diagrams They are available to users, but as we have said, a significant portion of users prefer to use services such as Ostrava or MyFitnessPal, but some companies do not allow useful information to be provided to these services, and as a result, their operation is problematic. Even Garmin and Coros watch apps that do not have this problem, on the other hand, use confusing user interfaces that do not provide a good user experience.

3. More transparency for health sensors

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

Smart wristbands are no longer a simple step. They can also measure things like heart rate. In the meantime, some companies just want to say that their products use a lot of sensors, but they do not use these sensors optimally. For example, although many new wearable gadgets support the ability to measure blood oxygen, but they do not offer useful capabilities in this area.

Using this sensor, accurate monitoring of users' sleep status is possible, but Many of these gadgets only allow you to measure blood oxygen, although these gadgets usually do not do this automatically. Undoubtedly, the manufacturers of these gadgets want to deceive users to some extent by using such sensors. Because when a potential buyer sees a cheap gadget using most of the sensors used in expensive watches like the Apple Watch, he or she will be more interested in buying it. Meanwhile, companies such as Fitbit, Withings, and Apple receive certification for their gadget sensors from major health organizations to show that they are paying close attention to this area.

Also mention ECG recording. The Coros Vertix 2, for example, claims to do just that, but it can only do the HRV test, which, while useful in itself, is different from an ECG. Although such lies are not important to many users, companies should not lie to users about health.

4. Open the doors of ecosystem

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

No matter how great a company's software and hardware services are Users should not face too many restrictions on using other gadgets and services. In this regard, Apple is the number one defendant because it keeps its ecosystem in a closed space, and for example, Apple Watch users can not sync this watch with an Android phone. Of course, users of Apple gadgets are accustomed to this approach, but in 2021, unfortunately, more and more companies have taken this approach to their smartwatches.

For example, the Galaxy Watch 4 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches. It is considered 2021, but if you are not a user of Samsung phone, you can not use some of its features. Samsung has paid special attention to the ability to record ECG and blood pressure in the ads of this phone, but surprisingly, you can use these two important features only if you have a Samsung phone.

On the other hand, although It has been announced that the Galaxy Watch 4 will benefit from Google Assistant, but four months after the release of this watch, such a feature has not yet been offered for it. It seems that according to the memorandum signed between Samsung and Google, the Galaxy Watch 4 will have only Bixby voice assistant until the middle of 2022. In addition, unfortunately, WearOS 3 watches only sync with Android phones and will not be compatible with iPhones. However, watches based on WearOS 2 do not have such a limit.

We can also mention the latest Huawei watch, GT3, which is an attractive gadget in terms of hardware, but has many limitations in terms of software. For example, some of its key features are not compatible with some phones, and if you use Huawei phones to use these features, you will not encounter any problems. But even in this case, some features are not provided in different areas. We hope that many of these restrictions will be lifted by 2022.

5. Solve the problem of charging cable

BingMag.com 5 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>2022</b> smartwatches

In 2021, several companies announced that to maintain Environment, some phones are marketed without a charger. These companies say that chargers and cables can be found in every home these days, so users do not need more chargers and cables. But along with smart watches or wristbands, a charger cable is always available. The main problem is that there is no specific standard for these cables.

Fitbit has the worst performance in this regard. For example, Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 watches use different cables than Versa, Versa Light and Versa 2. The Fitbit Charge 5 watch cable is also different from the Fitbit Charge 4 cable, and we can mention several other examples in this regard. Overall, Fitbit gadgets do not meet a specific standard in this area. Xiaomi also changes the charging cable of its wristwatches and watches every few generations.

While all Apple Watch watches use a specific magnetic charging cable. Fossil and Skagen watches also have a specific procedure for the charging cable. In an ideal world, users should be able to use just one cable to charge smartwatches and watches. Given that such a demand is unlikely to materialize any time soon, companies like Fitbit and Xiaomi should use the same charging cable for at least all of their watches and smartphones.

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