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These programming languages ​​have the largest job market in 2022

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022

There are several programming languages for many business purposes. Each of These programming languages has its own characteristics and, of course, its own uses. If you are planning to start learning programming, choosing the right programming language will be your first step in this direction. This choice is very important, because your job search and income in the future will be affected by this choice.

In this article, we try to provide information about the 7 programming languages that seem to be the most used and important. In 2022, we will present it to you. Finally, we try to make some recommendations for learning These languages.

What is the meaning of programming language?

Computers, just like us humans, use different languages to communicate different goals. use. The term "programming language" refers to a set of existing languages that programmers and developers use to build programs, scripts, queries, and so on.

programming languages have their own rules and structure; So they only work on specific programs. Of course, some programs are more widespread and have more use. Once a programmer learns a particular language, he or she can write source code into a plain text file and then apply and execute it in the appropriate environment.

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The best programming language in 2022

In general, no language can be considered the best language. But the term usually refers to the languages that are most in demand and most used. In the following, we will share the list of the best programming languages in 2022 with you. This list is designed with many in mind. The items on this list are generally very lucrative, they can be used for many job opportunities, and they seem to remain in demand for a long time.

If you want to learn in 2022 If you have a programming, consider These 7 languages:

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022

C and ++ C

C can be considered a "Low-Level" language. This means that programming in it requires knowledge of computer hardware. The other programs on this list are all known as "High-Level" languages in which the details of the computers may not be as important.

However, this makes it easier to learn other programming languages. Yes, but that easily comes at the cost of performance impact. This may not have much effect on apps like social media. But its impact on applications such as games, movie editing or parts of the operating system is undeniable. On the other hand, some other devices, such as computer machines, do not have high processing power, so they have no choice but to use These languages and make maximum use of resources.

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++ C was derived from the C language to simplify the programming process and is still known as a low-level language. C is part of the C ++ subset. This means that C languages can usually be easily translated into C ++. However, given These issues and the ease of the process, C ++ is more compatible with developing and building applications. However, the C language itself is mostly used in key systems or parts of programs.

The C programming language was developed in 1972 and the C ++ language in 1985. High-level languages may lose their popularity over time due to removal from the hardware, but C and C ++ have always been popular and useful over time. The longevity of These languages ensures that These skills will always be in demand.

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022


Java is a popular language for developing web applications or developing public service applications (APIs). Although Java is very similar in nominal terms to JavaScript, the two languages have very little in common functionally and structurally. Unlike JavaScript, Java is the language that needs to be typed the most. This feature means that the learning curve is steeper. However, although Java is more complex, this complexity makes it much more efficient. Java can perform better, especially for executing and developing multidisciplinary applications and splitting tasks into smaller tasks and running them simultaneously. JavaScript, on the other hand, uses only one operating discipline.

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Although Java is more complex, it is still Avoids many things to do with Manage the use of other programming languages. This balance between performance and complexity makes Java a great option for running web applications. If you want to learn mobile programming, it's interesting to know that Java is also very useful for building Android applications. Ran from platforms. Although Java was the first language to run on JVM, other programming languages such as Scala or Kotlin were later implemented on the system. The interesting thing is that These programming languages are compatible with each other; That is, programmers can use the resources and structure of all of them together. This feature is very important for the development of mobile applications. Android applications are developed based on JVM-compatible programming languages. JavaScript


The interactivity, completeness, and attractiveness of websites have increased dramatically in recent years. All These changes and charms are based on HTML and CSS. But you should know that the driving force behind all These user interfaces is JavaScript. JavaScript programming has become much easier thanks to standard and powerful tools like VueJS that are suitable for even beginners. There are more powerful and professional tools in this area, including ReactJS and Angular.

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Developers who pay more attention to visual elements or user experience are more commonly known as front-end developers. However, JavaScript is not limited to the front end. Thanks to the NodeJS platform, JavaScript also allows developers to build powerful applications that can act as powerful web applications, mobile applications, or standalone APIs, and integrate with other companies and services. These features have also expanded the range of applications and job potentials associated with JavaScript. People looking for organizational flexibility can use a single language to become a full-fledged programming engineer.

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022


Python can be considered one of the most popular programming languages. Python is best known for its clean code, which is relatively easy to read and write. Python also has high adaptability, which makes it an effective tool for a large part of the needs of developers. This language can be used for various purposes, from web programming to making computer games. With the rise of machine learning applications and debates, Python has recently gained more attention and popularity again. Scientific tools such as Pandas, NumPy, and Jupyter have not been ineffective in this regard.


Unlike other languages on this list that are used to write programs, SQL Structured Query Language is used to store and search data. The SQL data query mechanism can be interpreted in such a way that the request is sent to the server and the desired information is provided in response. There are several standards in this area, mySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server can be examples. However, given their many similarities, learning one makes it much easier to learn the other.

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SQL database servers are used in many websites and applications. All information such as user profiles, blog posts, and in general almost all website information is stored on SQL servers. However, since SQL is data-driven only, the job opportunities in this area go beyond building and developing web or mobile applications. High-demand and high-paying job opportunities such as business intelligence analyst or data science specialist need to master SQL to perform their daily tasks.

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022


The SWIFT programming language is used exclusively in Apple's application ecosystem. This language is needed to develop applications that you see on products such as the iPhone or iPad. With this description, you might think that Swift is a limited language and not very useful. But it's interesting to note that about 70% of all mobile users' expenses go to Apple's opstore.

Apple initially used its own Obective-C programming language, which was inspired by C was formed. But in 2014, they started using the Swift language to reduce barriers to application development. Use a more modern language that you also learn It's easier, it allows more developers to come up with ideas and create their own ideas. Ie JavaScript).

In the image below you can see an example

BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022

On the left you will see the Typescript code and on the right you will see that this code has been converted to JavaScript. Of course, in this particular example, there is not much difference and only the interpretation of the word "numbers" is omitted.

At first glance, this may seem to increase the learning curve of a language like Java. However, typing is designed to increase the flexibility and ease of learning JavaScript. Developers have complete control over where Typescript is applied to create additional structures. This means that they may even be eliminated altogether.

How to learn a programming language?

If you want to start learning a programming language, there are 3 basic steps. You can consider:

1. Choose the best programming language depending on your goals and abilities

Choosing the right programming language depends on how you learn and what you plan to build, for example, if you plan to To build a mobile app, it might be best to start with Swift or Java. On the other hand, learning JavaScript is essential for people who want to program in the web environment. However, keep in mind that a programmer generally has to be proficient in several programming languages. With all of this in mind, it's best to set goals first to narrow down your options.

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    In addition to the goals, specify your own learning method. If you want to learn something by trial and error or getting things done, it might be a good idea to start by learning simple programming languages like Ruby or Python. If you are one of those people who like to learn everything well and do things in a very basic way, learning C may be a better option for you.

    BingMag.com <b>These</b> <b>programming</b> <b>languages</b> <b>​​have</b> the <b>largest</b> <b>job</b> <b>market</b> in 2022

    2. Understand Computational Thinking

    Computational thinking refers to how a computer applies logic. You should know that there is a difference between the way people think and computers. As a programmer, it's best to understand These differences and get used to the space.

    Start the path to learning a programming language by focusing on abstractions, pattern recognition, and algorithms. It is better to suddenly find yourself in the midst of all new concepts and structures that you do not understand. Once you have a better understanding of computer's programming logic and logic, it will be easier for you to learn languages.

    3- Use online resources

    After setting goals, style Learn and your knowledge of computer logic, look for suitable educational resources. Rest assured that These resources can be found in abundance on the Internet. However, attending face-to-face classes can also be a way for you.

    Some programmers prefer to be self-taught. They tend to use Korea's online classes or free resources on the Internet. Today, there are numerous online courses or instructional videos that teach programming languages at different levels. However, the choice and resources of learning largely depend on your learning tastes and habits. The best resource for learning a programming language is the resource with which you communicate the most.

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